Ok I have 4 questions: 1) I know ya can get chao that look like Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Shadow. How do ya get chaos to look like those characters? 2) Can ya get Rouge and Eggman chao? 3)What is a chaos chao & how do ya get one? 4) On the last emerald on the last stage of Pumpkin Hill I can see the emerald but I can't get it. The computer thingys say that Knux needs some 'sunglasses' to get the emerald. What are these sunglasses and where do I get em'? Are they like Rouge's treasure scope? Sorry this is so long! Will ya please answer me soon cuz I REALLY need these tips soon! Thanx!!! :-)
1. This question has been answered previously.
2. No.
3. Chaos chao are special immortal chao. Instructions on getting one have been given previously.
4. Where to get the sunglasses can be found in the games section. They have the same function as Rouge's treasure scope.

~ Crazy C Lea