I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned-- sorry if it has-- but in the latest issue of the UK Official Dreamcast Magazine, as well as a Yuji Naka interview that we've all seen before (you know, the 'Air NiGHTS' one), there's also a short SA2 snippet. It has two new screenshots, a close-up of Sonic sliding down a San Fran hill on that weird metallic wheel-less skateboard thing, and another showing him 'grinding' along a jungle vine. Perhaps most importantly, the preview reveals the planned (worlwide) release date: summer 2001, although according to Naka it 'could be earlier'. Also mentioned by Naka-san was that the game may have a more 'Western-aimed' taste to it than the original. As the man muses, this may be a side affect of working in the US. ;)