I've had this for a while but couldn't scan it until now. So in case you're interested, you can look at a scan of the article in Issue 5 of the Official Dreamcast Magazine.

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The text reads:

Sonic For Two?

With E3 around the corner, the rumors surrounding Sonic Adventure 2 heat up

The sequel to Sonic Adventure has been grist for the rumor mill for some time, and as this year's big conventions loom (Spring TGS in March, E2 in May), ODCM's secret sources have been letting the blue fur fly, so to speak. While Sega have yet to confirm any or our suspicions regarding the title, it's highly possible that the game will make its first appearance after E3.

So, what have we heard? Point of interest #1: Multiplayer capabilities. The pseudo "Tails as a second player" mode in the original just won't cut it. For the sequel, more than two players may be able to control separate characters during the game. Part of Sonic Team has supposedly been working out of SOA's offices for over a year now, but we're not sure if Naka would allow the game to progress fo far away from home. Will this year's E3 show reveal all? A full report next issue!