HOLD MY GOD!!! I'VE JUST FOULD SONIC ADVENTURE 2 SCREEN SHOTS! Yes your reading right!!!! Visit them here...


This screen shots totally rule! There way better then SA!!

(Rlan - Just dding to what Neon Chaos Said)


**starts trembling** this is what we wanted folks! an Now WE 'AVE EM!

Well, accordng to the pictures in the link above, this is what I've come to believe:

Sonic seems much fitter and taller since SA1

Knuckles is there! WOOHOO!


Also noted at the bottom: Presented By SonicTeamUSA @SanFrancisco!!! This means that part of Sonic Team stayed in America! I hope that the sonicteam.com (see news below) hs something to do with these blokes.