I tried your games index but what I needed was under construction so 1.What's the between SA & SA limited edition? 2.between SA & SA international? 3.What the heck is that SA0 you have listed? Also you haven't answered any of my Q's and I follow all the rules so if you answer this it would be nice if you let me know if I'm doing anything else wrong, too. Thanx much! Really luv yo' site man!
1) SA is the original Japanese version released in 1998. SA LE is that version released in selected places (mainly video game stores as a SA preview) just prior to the US release of SA.
2) SA International is the US version of SA (supposedly with less glitches than the Japanese one) released worldwide. It was called SA International in Japan. In the US it was just known as "SA."
3) Those are just parentheses--though they do look like a zero. I'm not sure what is going to go in them to be honest.
4) As it is not possible to know who you are, I'll give some clues as to what gets cut. I'd say besides the breaking of rules (which for most people is the main reason to be truthful), the most common reasons for a question not to be answered are 1) no one knowing the answer (we don't claim to know everything, we only claim to answer relatively accurately), 2) it's very closely related to an upcoming profile/section update even though we do know the answer, 3) flooding of the same question several times, or 4) related to the love life of a character that is not a "yes" or "no" question that can't be answered by looking at profiles (which generally means only if it's related to Archie where things can change much faster than I can update profiles does it even have a shot of being answered 99% of the time). There are a few others, but those are some of main recurring reasons I cut questions not explictedly stated in the rules. Still, by far the most common reason for a question not to be answered is for breaking the rules--particularly the opinion or thinking we're officially speaking for Sega ones.

--True Red