You heard it here first. Sonic Underground has its own video game! Manufatured by Tiger Electronics, the SU game is a hand-held LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).

6 stages of Sonic Spin Dash action!
Keep the marble rocketing around the game for added Sonic speed!
Sensational Sonic sound effects from the new hit TV show!

Nothing can stop you when you're riding [Manic's] hover board!
Grab your guitar and chase off Sleet and Dingo with some awesome guitar riffs!
Use your Super Sonic Spin to flatten the Swatbots!

"Sonic Underground" features SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, his brother MANIC, and his sister SONIA. They fight to free their enslaved planet, MOBIUS from DR. ROBOTNIK, his evil cohorts, SLEET and DINGO, and the merciless SWATBOTS. With the help of [Manic's] hover board, your gutair, and your famous Sonic Spin Dash, help Sonic make the world a more creative, musical place!

These games can be found at Big K-Mart, and are priced at about 12.99.