The title say it all. The author takes a look at the female character roles in the comics.

Note: If any of you read my first huge editorial at Sonic Foundation, you'll remember me mentioning this subject.

I'm no female activist, but females don't play very big parts in Sonic and Knuckles' comics, other than to be a flusey. I thought Julie-Su would be an exception, but I'm not quite as sure now. Her independence has made her an individual and "one of the guys" and that's a big reason why there are times that she is even more popular than Sally. Certainly the role of a hero's girlfriend is to be saved endless times and offer him emotional guidance. But we all know that Sally, Julie-Su, Bunnie and even Amy Rose have distinct personalities, and could easily be the main character instead of the stereotypical female of the story. Now we have the SSS#11 coming out which is a much needed excuse to give the females the spotlight. I'm really looking forward to it, don't get me wrong, but this could have been done in the regular series. Here are some main points: THE FEMALE IN DISTRESS

Gotta love this concept, and that is what makes the hero the hero, but we all know Sally, Julie-Su, and the others enough that we know they can take care of themselves.


Even though all the characters are owned by Sega, they still prefer to concentrate on those that are in their games. (Face it. The comics are and always will be an advertisements for Sega's games.) Since there are few game females, almost all stories concentrate on the guys. But if that's true, why don't they give Amy Rose the spotlight once in a while? I would like to see her develop in the comic books as an important character.


This concept is a bunch of crock, but you still don't see females do much in the comics. Sega wouldn't like much if Sally or Julie-Su could beat their boyfriends. That's the way the world works. I mean, when will we ever see Sally going to save Sonic or Julie-Su going to save Knuckles?

Probably when, you know what, freezes over. I'm not saying the females haven't had their solo stories. Sally is the only one I know of that really has, though. (The unsuccessful Princess Sally Mini-Series.) And yes, Sonic and Knuckles are the stars of the comic, and they should have the spotlight.

But they can all step down and take a break, giving the spotlight to the females once in a while!

Holli the Genet