I'm sorry if I sent this before but it never got answered... 1. why has sega (lately) been putting more of "Gun's" robots instead of Eggman's? 2. what is the series E-????? and when did it start? 3. why does Eggman put in animals while gun has chao drives? different styles? 4. In what game did Sonic and Robotnik change their appearances? Why'd Sega do this?
1. GUN were the enemies of both sides in SA2. Since Eggman was playable, they needed another sources of enemies. 2. A group on powerful shooting robots in Sonic Adventure. 3. Nobody's sure. Most likely power sources. From the translated SA2 story found here: At first, everyone thought that this plan was far too reckless and far-fetched to have ever been fabricated by Professor Gerald's gifted mind. Chaos Emeralds were researched and resulted in the creation of Chaos Drives, which were a test to apply their infinite energy to a life, while the main project would only be started once the prototype was complete. The "Prototype of the Ultimate Life-form", made after the image of a lizard, showed many signs of wonderful growth. Regeneration, restoration, and self-reproduction(*1). The researchers were thrilled at this. 4. Sonic Adventure (and some pro art for Sonic R), probably to create hype and show that the adventure series would have a different "style." - Vec