Sega of Europe announced today that they have formed an exclusive sponsorship alliance with
Reebok to promote the European Sonic Speed Challenge with Reebok DMX, a European-wide online
Sonic Adventure competition running from December 1st to January 14th, 2000.

Sonic Adventure players throughout Europe will be able to download a specially-designed Emerald
Coast course from the Sonic Advenure website. In this special course, players are required to collect
five pairs of Reebok DMX shoes which Dr. Robotnik has stolen from Sonic's closet. Those with fast
times may wish to upload their finishing ratings to the Sonic Adventure for ranking. The winners will be
those with the fastest time! The prizes offered are as follows:

1st Prize:
Dreamcast Pod, Trophy (6ft high display unit featuring television monitor, console and controllers),
?1,000 of Reebok clothing, including a pair of Reebok DMX shoes

2nd, 3rd & 4th Runners Up:
Framed Gold Sonic Disc, ?200 of Reebok clothing plus a pair Reebok DMX shoes

5th - 10th Prizes:
Framed certificate and a pair of Reebok DMX shoes worth 50

11th - 50th Prizes:
Exclusive European Sonic Speed Challenge Reebok T-shirts

J-F Cecillon, Chief Executive Officer, Sega Europe, had this to say, "The European Sonic Speed
Challenge with Reebok DMX, the first on-line Sonic Adventure competition targeted specifically at
Sega's European audience, is the next step to creating Dreamcast's on-line community. Reebok's
support both in-game and for our consumers make this a truly stimulating competition. "

Source Gamefan