OK, I know right off the bat that this is most likely in the wrong area, but I couldn't find any real email address of a news caddy to contact. Please forgive me.

Anyways, I wanted to say, that while I am grateful that the rest of the Sonic Community is getting to hear about what they never knew in SA2, I'm afraid that the 'clones' idea may be a far bit off. It may have been an error in my translations, but there was one word in the original document that troubled me. It was the word, 'pieces'. It was contained in the last paragraph I was translating, which was at about 5am in the morning. I didn't quite understand what the document meant when it talked about 'Shadow', 'copy' and 'pieces'.

The more I think of this, the more I read what other people thought of this, as they are taking the 'clones' idea a bit too far. I was rather joking about that issue, seems the new Star Wars movie, 'Attack of the Clones' came out recently. I'm sure some person who can read/write and speak Japanese fluiently, as well as English, is laughing at my feeble efforts. ^_^; But, perhaps that last part actually explained that GUN captured the Hedgehog from the pieces(wreakage) of his capusle that hit the planet.

I'm sorry, again, for finding the wrong place to post this, but, I thought I'd try to clear up some things because EVERYONE seems to be off on a tangent, believing Shadow is a clone, now...when I was actually reffering to Sonic as the one who may have been Shadow's clone.

Think about it. Seems Professor Gerald might have been one of the only people to work on the Immortality Research project, he may have also been one of the only people in the world who could 'clone' something. And while GUN had Shadow, they tried many expiraments, and perhaps finally managed in trying to create a clone of him. Or, someone else made a clone of him at one point, if they managed to find something of Shadow's from the crash, and used it to create a clone. -- Point I'm getting at, is I don't think Shadow was a clone. Rouge is just a very big skeptic.