I have a few questions for you to answer:1)Is Shadow truly dead?Because when he was falling through the Earth's atmosphere I saw that he was still in his Super form.If I'm not mistaken,when Sonic or Shadow are in there godlike states they are COMPLETELY INVINCIBLE,even to blazing heat that the planet's atmosphere posesses,and extreme impacts that would accur when Shadow plummeted to his so- called "doom"(oh,and just for the record,that "shiny effect" wasn't Shadow using the Chaos Controll,it was a completely too familliar anime effect that is used to show that he,she,or it is falling or "blasting off"(as I like to call it)to a verry far distance,and is also used as some dramatic effect).2)Will any of the older characters(like the Chaotix or Fang the Sniper) be making any new appearances?Because I'm DYING to see Fang as a playable character(I'm already aware of Sonic Drift 2 and Sonic the Fighters,it's just finding them that's the trick).3)You wuldn't know about anyone who might be selling any arcade machines,like Sonic the Fighters,would you?PLEASE TELL ME!!!4)Since E-102's appearance in Sonic Shuffle,I've been wondering if "he" is still existant in some parrallel universe(like Maginaryworld),or has taken the nearest portal back to Earth to keep a watchfull "lense" on his former master,Dr. Eggman,and help keep the world safe from evil.Help me out here!
1) It's unknown.
2) Not too likely.
3) Try Ebay.
4) Shuffle's not a game that follows any storyline other than its own.

~ SA Tails