I've been wanting to ask this for a while: On every site I go to that has to do with Sonic, everyone is raving about how there should be a Sonic movie. Well, while I was at my video store, my eyes caught a glimpse of Sonic. I thought I was seeing things, because I see Sonic alot. But there he was on the cover of a movie. (Forgot title) The Picture had an old-style Sonic, Knux with a cowboy hat on, and Tails looked cute and young. I rented the movie to watch it, and some girl with a cat tail named Sarah was on it, and Eggman wanted to be her husband and she was a imagining little Eggman kids. Metal Sonic was in it too. Just recently, however, the movie is no longer on the shelf. Was this a dream, am I totally nuts, or does this movie exist??!!
That is the Sonic OVA movie and you can read about it under our cartoons menus. ~Ron Prower