Guess who's updated todays polls! In todays area we have 3 new ones mainly focusing on Archie and SegaSonic. PLUS we're issuing an editorial challenge as well. More details afterwards.

Devils Advocate Poll - Lately most tend to agree the Archie comic needs to have a shot in the arm. Playing Devils' Advocate - Out of these scenarios, What would you MOST LIKELY want to see happen in the Archie Comics. The higher the number of answers to a scenario, the more you wanna see it, the lower the number, the less you will want to. We urge you to add comments on this one!

Sonic Love Poll - No biggie here. 2 names - 1 hedgehog: Sally Acorn and Amy Rose. Who deserves Sonic more? Who would Sonic go for more? This is your time to choose!

Who Will Die... - Lets get morbid !! Rumors move quickly. Lately - Out of all these characters, its rumored that one of the Freedom Fighters may be roboticised or die in the distant future near Sonic #100 or as early as the late 80's, early 90's...Instead of asking who you think it is, we ask who you want it to be. Make a choice and then respond to the editorial challenge below.

For this Month's Editorial Challenge: We ask the question, what do YOU think the Archie comics needs. If Rotor is roboticised will you read the comics anymore? For that matter, do you think another love triangle between Sonic and Sally and Amy would work? What are your opinions? Later guys. And we'll be posting results and editorials halfway into the month. ^_^