Howdy folks! And welcome to our brand spanking new "End Of The Year" Poll Position! This month, the Sonic The Hedgehog #100 Speculation Poll as well as Sonic #88 and Sonic Super Special #14 Reader Reviews! Also 2 new polls and 4 new reader reviews of Archie Sonic 89-91 and a special review for reader input concerning Sega's new videogame release of the party game Sonic Shuffle! Considering we've got a lot of ground to cover, lets get right to the point:

There was only one question on this months Poll Position and that was - What event would you like to see happen sometime within the timespan of Sonic 100? (Choose 5 Answers)

Here are the final results.....

The Sonic 100 Countdown
What event would you like to see happen sometime within the timespan of Sonic 100? (Choose 5 Answers)

The Death Of King Acorn (144)


The Return Of The SatAM Robotnik (169)


The Death Of A Freedom Fighter (131)


The Breakup Of Sonic And Sally, (104)


Sonic And Amy Get Together (130)


The Announcement of An Engagement (205)


The Robotization Of A Freedom Fighter (160)


The Conquest Of Knothole Village By Robotnik (135)


Total Selections: 1178

Poll #1 - This was actually kinda funny in the aspect that so many people want King Acorn dead. First he's a paraplegic and now you all want him offed. You sadistic little buggers, you. ^__^ Gotta say though, I'm getting pretty tired of the squirrely old bag of endless wind myself. Perhaps I should do an evil King Acorn poll, hmmm?

The top five finishes for the poll in general were: The Announcement of an Engagement at #1, The Return of SatAM Robotnik at #2, The Robotization of a Freedom Fighter at #3, The Death Of King Acorn at #4, and the Conquest Of Knothole Village at #5.

For those of you that keep up with RDB's Mailing list though, its VERY INTERESTING to note that the bottom finisher The Breakup Of Sonic and Sally is the one that will actually be happening in the comics VERY SOON. Perhaps it does send some sort of message after all that people are saying that we're kinda tired of the breakups and the new girlfriends. But who knows. Now if only I could figure out which FF you all wanted roboticized...

Reader suggestions included: Bunnie getting completely roboticized, A Happy Ending, and the complete destruction of Knothole Village. What a happy little bunch you are. :P

Sonic #88
"Family Matters"
"Picking Up The Pieces"
Writer(s): Ken Penders & Karl Bollers
Penciler(s): James Fry & Steve Butler
Inker(s): Pam Eklund
Overall Reader Rating: 4 Rings -

Reader Review #1 - 4 Rings! No issue has reached 5 although #75 came pretty close...As opposed to our dreary poll above, the Sonic #88 review actually got SEVERAL good remarks from many of you (Brother, I cannot WAIT to see the ones on SSS#15...) Each issue was rated out of 5 with 17 reader reviews total. Here's what a few of the 17 had to say about it...

Big E - 4.2 Out Of 5 Rings: A very good issue. The past issues have been getting better, and, regardless of some errors in continuity (what IS that liquid Elias gets, anyway?) it was very well done.

!! - 4.4 Out Of 5 Rings: This was the first Archie Sonic since Sonic #25-#50 to have a decent story, art, and script. It flowed nicely. If Sonic continues like this, the series may actually be the winner it use to be before all those boring filler stories came in.

Rex Killiante - 4.4 Out Of 5 Rings: Only one word describes this issue: Whoa. The artwork was awesome, and the story kicked @$$. A refreshing breath of air from the SA adaptation.

Aphex - 3.0 Out Of 5 Rings: Ehh...the drawing was okay but the hands looked a little too jagged,not fry's best work. Also they never explained hopw bunnie and Antoine got to mercia so fast. They completeley left that part out. But the actual story has progressed nicley and i look forward to more.

Jinsoku - 4.0 Out Of 5 Rings: "Word." I seriously think that's screwed up the dialogue for the usual "normalness." The story was good (a difference from SA adaption), and I personally loved Fry's art.

Red Fox - 4.0 Out Of 5 Rings: I normally LOVE Fry's artwork, but this time I was severely disappointed. The drawings of Elias lacked the detail I've seen in earlier issues, and the lines were, overall, too rod-like, making the eyes, especially, look boxy in shape. Otherwise, It was cool.

Calin Wallace - 4.8 Out Of 5 Rings: This has very easialy been the very best issue of Sonic the Hedgehog for a long, long time. Artwork was great for both issues Story great for both issues and character development has been the best seen in ages. Hopefully they will keep this up until #100.

Sonic Super Special #14
"Law Of The Land"
"Best Of times, Worst Of Times"
Writer(s): Ken Penders
Penciler(s): Steve Butler & Suzanne Paddock
Inker(s): Pam Eklund
Overall Reader Rating: 4 Rings -

Reader Review #1 - Another 4 ringer, this one's significant for the Knuckles story that bridges the gap between his cancellation and current backups in the Sonic book. And the responses were pretty much echoed each other. First story: awful, Second story: Excellent. And in a way - it gives Knuckles that bang he didnt have when going on his first book. Each issue was rated out of 5 with 9 reader reviews total. Here's what a few of the 9 had to say about it...

Big E - 4.2 Out Of 5 Rings: I am totally ignoring this Zone story because that would bring down the grade of an otherwise outstanding Knuckles piece. Stories like this - action, drama, thousands of characters - make me miss the Knuckels comic even more.

Lara-Su Fan - 5 Out Of 5 Rings: I gave it this much cuz of the Knuckles story. It was DA BEST I've seen since! Also, being a big fan of Butler's art (tho' not as big a fan as Spaz's =P), this also has to be his best artwork yet! ^_^

Aphex - 4 Out Of 5 Rings: Ignoring the horrid Zonic story....Knuckles was the best art I have seen since the girls rule special. And it was well written. It would have been a 5.0 but Zonic made me drop some points.

Holli the Genet - 2.2 Out Of 5 Rings: I don't like the Zonic stories at all, so enough said there. I just found Sally so utterally thin. When compared to a human character, their heads should be a tad bigger than their furry bodies, but this was just too off.

And that concludes todays Poll Position! Our newest polls for Janurary 2001 are as follows:

Kill The Wabbit! - What Freedom Fighter Would You Like To See Die Or Roboticized? List why on the Station Square Message Board. A follow up to the above poll, since so many of you voted on it, I figured it would be intersting to see everyone's take. Morbid, isn't it? >;)

BOO! Bad Character - Above all, Hero or Villian: WHO is the worst character creation by Archie writers? List your reasons why on the SS Message Board.

And lastly When Mina Met Sally - How do you feel about the upcoming Sonic/Mina relationship, the Sonic/Sally breakup and the Geoffrey/Sally duo being reignited again? Would you be willing to be open minded about new relationships for the characters if written well?

And thats that! Dont forget the Reader Reviewers as well! Peace out!