Sonic Team are all set to release Phantasy Star Online on December 21st in Japan, and to celebrate the big occasion, the Sonic gurus are to hold a thank you party in Osaka Japan on the 16th.

So what does this party involve? A heck of a lot frankly. There will be a Q&A section, where Joe Public can put questions towards the team; a PSO Panel Discussion, featuring the game's producer, Yuji Naka, and development team members; a PSO game demonstration, where Sonic Team members will play the game, demonstrating how it works; a scramble for Sonic Team goodies, including old past times such as rock, paper, scissors and quiz questions; a history corner, looking back at earlier Sonic Team games; and much more Sonic Team madness! ^__^

There's no need to reserve a place at the party, you can just drop by on the 16th between 13:00 and 17:00, if you live anywhere near Osaka that is (Why can't we get anything like this in America?). For us Westerners, there's two options. A) Move to Japan especially or B) Hold your own Sonic Team Thank you Party, drown your sorrows in Sonic Shuffle, anime, and Kool-Aid and invite all your friends! :D

Source: Sega X