This is just a follow-up reminder to all those interested in coming to the Sonic Comic Con: Opening day is on the 14th of December at 5PM EST, and will run for two weeks (May possibly be extended until New Year's Eve). We have alot of submitted booths, and I'm pleased to say this convention is going to go rather smoothly. If you still would like to submit your comic, please fill out the form at the comic convention site and try to have it in to me by the 12th! Time is running out!

One more detail, Sonic Stadium, in a new partnership with SVT, will be covering reviews on the convention as it happens. So please go there for any follow-ups and other special information concerning next year's Sonic Comic Convention.

There are three important links that will get you through this convention with the best feeling of satisfaction:
Sonic Comic - SIGN UP TODAY!
SonicVerse - The owners of the Sonic Convention
Sonic - Extensive News Coverage of the convention

Thank you for your time! I'm looking foward to seeing you there!