I haven't posted anything this off topic on the news page in a LONG time - but these two tidbits alone are MUST SEES !!!!

Many of you may have already come across this, but for those of you familiar with Sailor Moon, you all know how badly DiC dubbed the first season yadda yadda yadda. However - its still hugely popular in the U.S., with new episodes on the way to Toonami for MAYBE this Fall season. Well what if DiC (Do It Crappy ^_^) had never gotten it? What if Saban (Power Rangers, Flint The Time Detective, Dragonball Z first and second season) had gotten it? Many of you MAY not have seen this, but I've come across the original Saban trailer for thier proposal of a live action, musical "Sweet Valley High" version of Sailor Moon. ROTFLOL! You just HAVE to see how horribly and unspeakably bad this is. Saban was going to take Sailor Moon, get rid of the Japanese animation and replace it with snippets of American animation (in which Sailor Moon looks NOTHING like she does now) and make it all live action with dance sequences and everything. One of the Sailor Scouts (I THINK its Mars) is in a wheelchair, Luna is a fat fuzzy white persian cat that looks like a throw rug...OH MY GOSH... ^___^

Anyways - you all have to see this. Its a rather large file which I zipped and its in .mov format - you'll need Winzip to unzip it and either Windows Media Player or Quicktime to view it. Its a big download, but TRUST ME when I say its worth every bit. You'll be in stitches >;O)

Saban's Live Action Sailor Moon Trailer

One final thing before I close this out. If you've been keeping up with the gaming scene, Nintendo and Rare are planning on releasing a new game called "Conker's Bad Fur Day". The other night I downloaded the trailer for it and all I have to say is....well, I honestly DON'T know what to say on that - except that its possibly one of the most vulgar, adolescent thing I have ever seen in my life. O__o Its hard to believe that Nintendo is going this route on Conker (a character already established in two games as mindsappingly cute)...I downloaded the Movie for this as well and I want you guys opinions of it. But be forewarned - It may look cute and cuddly BUT THIS IS NOT OR CHILDREN. Scenes of near nudity (yes - A Nintendo game), bloody squirrels, shot up heads, YOU NAME IT - its in this trailer. :P For you guys of older descent - download it, view it, and put your opinion up on the Mobius Forum where a thread on it has already started by other forumers. What do you think? Is "Bad Fur Day" a bad idea or just another gore game? Same downoading instructions as the Sailor Moon trailer apply here.

Conker's BFD Trailer

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