1. Where can I buy Sonic Comics, like what store, and do you recomend any certein ones, cause I never got one before.... 2.Is sonic merchandise found mostly in Japan cause there is none nowhere 3. How do I become able to send fan art here 4.Is there any way to get SOnic posters, or coloring pages or anything... 5. Did toon disney cancel SOnic cause its not on anymore and I am really MMMMAAAADDDDD
1) For the first part, no one knows where you are so no one can answer that. The general answer to that has been given many times already so read the archives. As for the second part, that's for a message board, not here.
2) Probably as there's a Sonic store over there.
3) Read.
4) Archie has some coloring pages in the Sonic section on their site.
5) Yes, AoStH was taken off Toon Disney.

--True Red