Nintendo unveiled a new wave of amiibo figurines for Super Smash Bros., including Sonic and ten other characters. Like the rest of the Smash amiibos, Sonic here is based on his official character portrait from the game:

If ya didn't know, amiibos are used in Smash Bros as personalized computer characters. You can customize their movesets and attributes, pitting them against other players or amiibos, levelling them up in the process. Sorta like a virtual pet? But without having to actually take care of them and stuff.

amiibo figures also store information identifying the character they depict. So, being a Sonic amiibo, it could potentially be used with other Sonic games, assuming they actually include amiibo support. So... neat.

The Sonic amiibo is set to release worldwide in February 2015. Check out the full lineup on the official site. Also here's the packaging. There it is.

(And yes I know this is several days late!!!)