In lieu of the news that Fleetway has gone on full reprint status, we can give you more info now on just what has taken place and more on just what it means. Announced by current STC writer Nigel Kitching, after issue #184 (the end of the SA/Chaos storyline and Mr. Kitching's 10 issue run) the book will no longer be producing new material. Known for having up to 4 stories, the book went 3/4 reprint last year much to the dismay of fans.

A sad development in Sonic news, when we asked Mr. Kitching himself on the situation he had this to say:

To be honest I don't think this news will come as a tremendous surprise to STC fans - the writing has been on the wall since the comic became predominately reprint a while ago. The decision to remove all of the new material is still not final but the chances are 99% that it's going to happen.

Still, seven years is something to be proud of, I think. In Britain there aren't many comics that last nearly this long. I wonder if there are any comics launched in the last ten years that can claim anything like the kind of success we've had.

And I've got to work with some great artists over the years. I met Richard Elson through the comic and he's drawn up my scripts like nobody else could. He's pointed out my stupid mistakes and often been the one to come up with new characters - as he never tires of reminding me... Nigel Dobbyn I've know for many years and it was great to help get him work drawing the Knuckles strip, his artwork seemed to bring out the sensitive side of my writing. I also got to work with the great Mick McMahon, I've loved his stuff since the late seventies - how often do you get a chance to work with one of your heroes?

And at least I got to write the current ten issue run. I think it's some of my best work and, under the editorial control of Andy Diggle, I've been able to get some of my more powerful ideas into print.

All in all I'm pretty proud of the work I've done on STC. It's all over now but at least I got the chance to write stuff I enjoyed for seven years.

Not too bad really...

Not too bad at all. For those that don't know (unless you've been hiding under a rock) Fleetway has been the comic thats been going on JUST as long as Sonic Archie has. Its developed its own universe and style and not only served as a main platform to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters but was known for its working with Sega created characters or reworkings of them - Knuckles (on his own), Tails, Johnny Lightfoot, Porker Lewis, and Amy Rose - as well as its own noteable FF's Shortfuse The Cybernik Squirrel (a sort of "similar" version of Bunnie Rabbot) and Tekno The Canary (a sort of "similar" in character perspective to Rotor). Will STC go out with a bnag before its reprints - only time will tell. But what is known is that there are PLENTY of fans that are certainly going to remember both the good times and bads.