• Edited to include the pictures - WB

    Sonic Team has released two new screen shots from Sonic Adventure 2 in the new section of their site "SonicTeam *Aki Matsuri* (Fall Festival)." And, it says there that new shots will be released daily for the duration of the festival --- from 09.22.00 to 10.01.00.

    Out of the blue skies comes the sound of a roaring helicopter. From the helicopter, jumps our mighty blue hero, Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic ready to take on the challenges that face him! The stage is set and the curtain rises for Sonic's next adventure!

    The first screen shot is of Sonic jumping from a large helicopter with the initials "G.U.N." on it. These stand for somethin', as there are words written under each letter, but, they're too small for me to make out. (Remember those "G"s in some of the earlier SA2 pics?) The second pic is of Sonic fallin' with a sky surfin' board attached to his feet.
    These two shots look great! I can hardly wait for more to come out. So, go see 'em! You won't regret it!

    Source:SONICTEAM: Aki Matsuri~ Japanese ver.