From IGNCube:

Sega has established a new supervisory body to oversee its game production and development strategies for both console software and arcade games, reports the latest issue of the Nikkei Weekly. This organization bureau will be composed of four people, led by Hisao Oguchi of the Hitmaker division.

The creation of this body is apparently also to be accompanied by a centralization of Sega's game development, which has for some time been carried out by a series of relatively disparate development teams -- Hitmaker, Smilebit, AM2, and so on. Though those teams will retain their autonomous identity, development will be more closely supervised from Sega's central headquarters from now on.

If Sega's internal shakeups lead to a direct influence on its present and future games, we'll be sure to bring you further news on the story as it arises.

Source: IGNCube