Newly translated.

* a good friend's ciao -- girl [ of a rabbit ] * which is always taking the "cheese"

- When it is younger than [Tails] and says by man, they are about 6 years old.
- Gentle, even if it takes. ‚݂傤 -- courtesy -- the right place
" - De Dis" are Œû‚®‚¹, and it is slightly sketchy. ... UWASA called the young lady of a good family!
- Do your best hard [ one place ] anything!
Curiosity is full, and anyhow, anything is done, and it is filled, and is ‚Ⴄ.
Therefore, although there are not few troubles, since it is a good child, it cannot hate.
- A favorite food is a soft ice cream!

being such "Cream" Ciao which stuck the bow tie "Cheese" ‚ªŒJ‚èL -- ‚é -- a new adventure By the appearance of cream "Sonique advance 2" It became still more pleasant!

A long-awaited new character appearance!

[Cream THE rabbit] The girl of a small rabbit who is always taking CHAO. a big ear -- empty -- flying -- an attack -- ciao -- ‚É‚¨ -- leaving The character for beginners with easy operation. there is also a spoiled child place -- although kicked -- what -- one place -- eager endurance and eager ‚³‚ñ -- strangely -- courtesy -- being right ‚½‚è Tale which she unfolds in the Sonique world --.

Source: Translated Sonic Team Sonic Advance 2 page