The Nack is back! Everyones favorite weasel (along with his Archie created twin sister Nic) will be making an appearance in Sonic 90 and 91. Here's what Ken Penders had to say about Nack - as well as the upcoming delay on the Tails The Fox "Chosen One" arc:

Without giving too much away, because of the events that occur in SONIC #88 through 90, I couldn't go immediately into the THE CHOSEN ONE storyline, so I need at least a story arc or two before that comes up to the plate. I was debating which one of two ideas I was going to go with, and when the suggestion to use Nack and Nic came up, inspiration followed, and I had the missing piece to make the story work. The only reason I hadn't decided whether they would pop in either SONIC #91 or #92 is that I'm still deciding if I want to rewrite the last pages of SONIC #90, which would require SONIC #91 to wrap things up.

Part of the problem is that Justin wants me to do what used to take 22 pages to fit into 8, so what used to take usually 66 pages has been compressed into 24. With space to tell a story at a premium, I want to make sure each installment is the best