I have talked to Sonique concerning this last night and Neon Chaos pretty much made it evident in his own news post that SOL is sadly dead. Personally speaking, I have nothing against SoL, I visited it myself, in fact, like I said, though I have not talked to NC I talked to Sonique the other night concerning this and she is moving onto other things, most noteably FUS, which I fully support her in.

I personally ask all posters: Please do not clutter up the board with a moot topic as Sonique and Chaos have already chosen not to acknowledge clones in some situations. This is _SORELY_ leading Vector and myself to re-evaluate the public poster whether we need it or not.

_UNLESS_ you are either Neon Chaos or Sonique and you are acknowledged by either of the two SoL webmasters, any more Shadow Of Light down/reopened/whatever posts will be deleted without question as they are the ones that made the final decision and were the head webmasters of said website. I will respect thier views and wishes not to continue and/or acknowledge advertising of clone sites and I ask that others please do the same. This board is for news not advertisemets. Thank you.