Dr. Eggman stands in front of a mysterious terminal. Can it be...Eggman is fighting with the enemy !? But why?

The Latest Pictures Have Emerged! EGGMAN! And from the looks of that Second picture, he might be some sort of Playable Character! (I doubt they'd have some power up like that)

also (THEROY TIME) The first picture looks kinda like a comet. And the Sonic "Clone" seems to be black. Is it just me, or does this look like it's gonna be a Spiderman/Venom type Story? :)

Crazy mustache and round glasses...can only mean that diabolical scientist of evil, Dr. Eggman is back! Could it be that our leader of evil who's primary mission has been to stump the heroic efforts of Sonic... is engaged in a battle with the enemies? Check it out!