Thank you for answearing my first few questions. I would like you to anwear a few more. 1. Do any of the inhabitans of mobius have a current space program? 2.I heard that a new sonic animated sereis is on the way, is this true? 3.In the "Archie Comics" series, what do Amy and Tails think of one another?
1. No, since Eggman pretty much demolished most advanced cities' governments. It's been indicated that the echidnas have gone into space in the past, but until somewhat recently Echidnaopolis existed in another zone, and while Station Square does have satillites there hasn't been mention of a space program yet and they've stayed out of sight as much as possible, so it's doubtful that there have been any recent attempts.
2. Yes. Check the News page.
3. They get along as friends and occasionally tease each other.

~ Crazy C Lea & True Red