Sega Web has taken pictures from the E3 show of Sonic Shuffle- and yes, the game looks great. However, the two journalists that went to see it, well- seem to hate it.
After staring at fish thingies at the Seaman stand, we shuffled over to Sonic Shuffle. We shuffled away just as quickly: this game is a blatant rip-off of Mario Party. It even features similar game structures: a blue square is +3 points, a red is -3, and exclamation points take gamers to mini-games.

O....kay... Geez, you'd think a Sega site might have some faith in a Sega game, right? And since when is a game that is much like a game a rip-off? I mean, the original Resident Evil had things in common with the first survival horror game, Alone in the Dark, but it certainly wasn't a rip-off. Besides, the same team that made Mario Party made this! How can somebody make a rip-off of their OWN game? Well, at any rate, I look forward to this game greatly, and these pictures certainly make me even more excited. Click here to read and see this for yourself. I think the two journalists were just cranky at the time they wrote this! ^__^

Source: Sega Web