Both SEGAWeb and Daily Radar have recently reviewed the latest Sonic Game, Sonic Shuffle. Unfortunately, like DCIGN, Segaweb gives it a very poor score, 4.5/10. However, Daily Radar gave it a HIT Rating, which is the rating below their highest. I believe have a review and fan reviews, but they seem to be down at the time of writing. Also, SEGAWeb has nicely created 7 new movies of the game, but beware, The story ones show how poor the voices are :(

Sonic Shuffle Review: SegaWeb 4.5/10

Sonic Shuffle Review: Daily Radar HIT Rating

Opening CG. 12.1MB MPEG

The story unfolds. 9.1MB MPEG

The story unfolds, Part 2 10.5MB MPEG

The story is still unfolding, Part 3 18.6MB MPEG

The Stone location and Egghead evil. 6.4MB MPEG

Jamming out with Sonic and pals. 11.0MB MPEG

Auntie Em, it's a twsister! 8.4MB MPEG