This "Sonic Party" News comes from the Dreamcast Magazine's website.

Sega of America let slip this exclusive shot of its forthcoming Mario-party style Sonic game, Sonic Party. According to sources from within SOA, the game will feature a more adult Sonic, who 'boozes, schmoozes and cruises' his way through the game, which it described as a new genre, the 'party sim'. Our sources also report that during this latest outing, Sonic kicks ten balls of fur out of Tails ('he was looking at me'), fails numerous times to get Amy's phone number, and tells Big the Cat that Sega plans to get him 'fixed' along with the office kitten next week, before throwing up on Doctor Robotnik and slurring the phrase 'you'd all be nothing without me. Nothing! Do you hear me? NO-THING!'. He then jumps into his Porsche and promptly wraps it around the nearest lamppost. And that's just the intro. Expect a Spring Break release.

Hmm, seems....different. My guess is they're lying. ^__^

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