Well now that I've finally gotten my scanner fixed I can add some more to Joey's previous post on Sonic Shuffle as well as add some new info on SA2!

I didn't see this at first, but in another section of EGM (shown to the left) in the latest issue there is one small tidbit of information on Sonic Adventure 2 that isn't mentioned in the main articles - namely more on the development team and 2 player functions! Besides the fact that there is new Sega Sonic promo art on the cover this is what was said in the Quartermann section of EGM dispelling current SA2 rumors:

Rumor: Sonic Adventure 2's in development and is coming along splendidly, but won't show up till 2001.
Truth: Sonic Adventure 2 is indeed in development, and some of the work is being handled in the U.S. by the portion of Sonic Team that relocated to San Fransisco during the localization of the first DC Sonic. And just like the Genesis Sonic 2, it'll have a two-player mode. A "new take" on the new look may be in as well...

Good news if you ask me. Now if only we heard something on that "Nails The Bat" rumor thats been floating around...

As a follow up - heres some more Sonic Shuffle tidbits:

  • All gameboards will be in full 3D unlike Mario Party's pre-rendered maps
  • Sega insists that Shuffle will be a MUCH different experience in play than Mario Party - namely noting the internet play
  • A characters abilities will help him in the minigames - Knux's claws, Sonic's speed, Tails' flight...
  • There will be some sort of racing minigame involved
  • Some members of Mario Party's team are working on this game

    For pictures of Void (the new villian in the Sonic Shuffle party game) check above and to the right. For other screenshots, chek Joey's previous scans reprinted here....

    The Crocodile Minigame
    Split Screen Sonic
    The Game Board