Hi. Recently I became a "born-again Sonic fan" after being away from the series for a while (because I was a Nintendo guy.) But then I got SA2B, loved it, and rediscovered my love for the hedgehog, the fox, the echidna, the Eggman... etc.
Anyway, my question is this. Way back before my Nintendo years, I had ONE issue of the Sonic comic book. (That I can remember.) It was called "Vertigo A-Go-Go", it started off with one of the characters yelling the logo, and in the middle Sonic went to the Special Zone and there was a little picture of a Genesis controller. What issue number was this? I want to go to the Scans page and see stuff from it...
Great site. It's "as cool and blue as me!" Well, maybe not the blue part.
The issue number is #2 of the regular series.