Microsoft has started the hype machine yet again to plug their upcoming videogame console, the X-box, with a press conference showing off 3rd-Party support for the console in a conference in San Francisco, London and Tokyo. To help kick the announcement off, Microsoft also showed off a demo reel of numerous titles headed towards the console, including a curious platformer that looks an awful lot like a hedgehog we know and love. After seeing the footage, it became obvious that the spikey lookalike was not Sonic, but just to help cut off the rumor mill on UseNet before it even gets started, IGN DC contacted Sega for the official word on the identity of this masked hop-aholic. Heather Hawkins, Manager of Gaming Press Relations for Sega of America stated, "That is not Sonic. Sure looks like him, though. There are no plans whatsoever to release a Sonic title on X-box."

So sorry, kids. Much like the rumor of Nintendo and Sega co-developing an RPG, this one is obviously a heap of bunk. As for the true identity of the title, no one knows who this Sonic wanna-be is, but rest assured that we'll keep an eye out for the guilty party should he pop up again.

As far as that Sonic/Mario RPG. Its been conflicting as to whether its valid or not everywhere, which it probably isnt (Ages and Odnetnin? Really now. ^___^) So no one knows for sure even though its one of the biggest whoppers I've seen. ^_^ But it certainly is fun to imagine what it WOULD be if it is. Hehehe

Source: IGN DC