If you signed the petition and gave me your email address, this message
has been sent to you. For everyone else:

From: "Mike Silberkleit"
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 19:31:51 +0000
Subject: Re: Knuckles the Echidna comics

Dear Katrice,

Thanks for the e-mail and petition. It is very difficult for us to
disappoint fans, especially those as loyal as you and the other readers
who signed the Save Knuckles petition. However, as a businessman, I have
a responsibility to the shareholders of my Company to see that the Company
remains profitable. Unfortunately, the sales of Knuckles were no longer
profitable and we had no choice but to discontinue the title. I guess
that part of the reason was distribution and rest assured that we
discussed this with our distributor. We kept the title going as long as
we could, but losing thousands of dollars an issue is not good business
sense. Remember, we have to pay the writers and artists, the seperators
and the printer, as well as the shipping charges. The revenue on the
sales was constantly below these charges and we had to stop the losses.
I hope you understand our position.
Michael Silberkleit

What this response is saying that the only chance we have of getting
Knuckles back is to make the issues that they have already published
sell. Check out SOK's section on where to get Knuckles comics,
especially for those who live outside the US and Canada, if you're missing
issues. After you checked the section, if none of those options work for
you, email me because I might be able to help out. If you have the full
series, you can still help out. If anyone knows of sources of Knuckles
comics that I don't have listed, please tell me so that I can add them.
Whether or not you have all the issues, we can all do this: Get anyone
you can hooked on Knuckles and get them to buy the back issues.

For anyone who thinks this is hopeless, don't think that. That's when
Knuckles is gone for good. I'll keep trying to get Knuckles back as long
as people keep supporting the petition. I've based this site and what I'm
doing off of Save Our Sailors and it took them a year and a half to work
and they're still going. It's only been three months so far and I plan to
see this through no matter how long it takes, but I need the support of
the fans. So, like the last time I got a response, I'm still collecting names.

True Red