I am English but love the Archie Knuckles comics. But there are some things I can't get my head round, and though I've checked the comic reviews/profiles on the site, I can't find the answers. 1) Who is Enerjak and what does he have to do with Dimintri? 2) What is Echidnaopolis really like, and why does it ban forms of technology? 3) Is there something quite strong going on between Knux and Julie-Su? 4) What is Constable Remington's job? Is he like a tutor to Knux? Thank you very much.
1) They're the same person. Enerjak is what Dimitri called himself when he had the power of 11 chaos emeralds.
2) The ban was in response to the fact that Enerjak was created through the misuse of technology in the eyes of the leaders (and those who agreed with them) though it's still highly advanced. Technology use and the centuries old echidna/dingo fighting are their main social problems.
3) They're an official couple.
4) Remington's profile will answer the job part and no he's not a tutor.

--True Red