Knuckles: 20 Years later is probaly the most anticipated Archie Sonic comic of 2000 aside from Sonic #100 and for good reason - supposedly not only is Knuckles supposed to have a daughter "Lara-Su", but this is considered to be the true sequel to the very first Super Special: Sonic: In Your Face - which featured one of the alternate futures where Sonic and Sally have two children.

Here's what Mr. Penders said in an e-mail sent to sonic fan sonic fan T2:

"I'm in the process of coloring the first few pages from the special, and I hope to have a sneak preview of K:20YL on my website later this month."

And when asked if Lara-Su will be shown in the preview: "You may or may not see her in the sneak preview. I haven't decided."

Ah well - at least we can FINALLY get to see a K:20YL sneak preview! Stick to Sonic HQ and we'll be sure to post whatever we can on the subject!