Ronald Bauerle, owner of the Archie Sonic mailing list, has taken the time to get the chat transcript up for Ken Penders recent chat. For a larger detail of the more important things concerning what went on, see Chainspike's report below. For the full transcript hit the link. Do not put this transcript on your page. You can feel free to link to Rons' transcript, but it woudnt be right to take it and put it up after Ron did all that work just getting it for the mailing list. ^_^

In other news not listed in CS's report:

  • We would officially like to be the first website to announce that Lara-Le and Wynmacher (Knuckles mother and soon to be stepfather) will be getting married in Sonic Super Special #14!!! And to add to the excitement, Constable Remington will get a girlfriend. Kewlies. ^_^

  • The Sonic Comics 40% drop in sales was confirmed by Ken Penders as it was reported here by the "Phoney" WB and Sonic Next, but due to lack of distribution more than anything else. (Wal Mart, Comic Book Shops)

  • This was discussed ON THE LIST and not in the transcript. James Fry did the actual design for Zonic The Zone Cop and not Spaz as some people have thought. Though he takes no responsibility for his coloring. ^_^

  • People on the list may know this, but some people off may not. Archie gets 100% profit from thier own books, but not on Sonic related ones. They have to pay them for the liscense. So they dont get a full profit even i it is thier biggest selling book.

  • More major news below in Chainspikes report! ^_^

    Source: Ken Penders Chat Transcript