BIG thanks to Shadow, who sent me a virtually complete transcript of everything said in the Ken Penders chat. Click the link to read it. Highlights will be posted later for those of you who don't want to read the whole thing. SYSTEM: BobR has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 06:55:01 PM
BobR: Hello there!
BobR: Okay, I'm back...
Emfrbl: Don't mention it, I've been looking out for you in the last half hour for everyone!
Kompy: Hola BobR ^^
Kompy: Some of us have been waiting for at least 5 hours ^^
Emfrbl: six in my case!!!
Shadow: LOL - i just got home from school :P
Kompy: ACK! I hope Blaze manages to get here O_o
SYSTEM: RDB has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 06:56:49 PM
RDB: Hello there!
RDB: Hello there!
RDB: Hello there!
Emfrbl: been off college sick all day! Blaze said he might not make it!
SYSTEM: Argentum has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 06:56:57 PM
Argentum: Hello there!
KenPenders: Is that you, Ron?
Kompy: Hihi Argentum
Emfrbl: So Ken can you please explain the last part about Lara-Su and the reality thing?
RDB: Yes
Kompy: Not yet!
M-lee_Echidna: Hello, all the peoples I haven't said hi to.
KenPenders: Glad to see you could make it.
BobR: We still have a few minutes to go before official start...
Kompy: *wavies hello to hoever she left out ^^
KenPenders: Not yet, Emfrbl
Shadow: Just want to say its an honor being here +P (my first time chatting here)
SYSTEM: Mage-of-Merford has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 06:58:46 PM
Mage-of-Merford: Hello there!
RDB: I hope I can hold out till 10+ PM with no supper :^(
KenPenders: Did you make it out to the Pittsburgh Con this year, Ron?
Emfrbl: didn't know never been to one of these before!
Kompy: Definately my first time here as well
SYSTEM: Dr__Robotnik has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 06:59:31 PM
Dr__Robotnik: Hello there!
RDB: No - didn't know of anything to justify the drive :^|
Dr__Robotnik: Hello Moto
SYSTEM: Blueblur has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 06:59:56 PM
Blueblur: Hello there!
Emfrbl: Next Ken can you post the rules up for us newbies?
KenPenders: It was Dawn's first convention, and she was doing sketches.
Kompy: Hihi Kintobor ^^
KenPenders: Bob, care to do the honors?
SYSTEM: Rebecky_mo has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:00:45 PM
Rebecky_mo: Hello there!
Shadow: A long shot, but are you or anyone from Archie going to be at the San Diego comic con?
SYSTEM: Nax has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:00:51 PM
Nax: Hello there!
SYSTEM: "Rebecky_mo went out."
SYSTEM: Centurion has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:01:02 PM
SYSTEM: Rebecky_mo has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:01:02 PM
Rebecky_mo: Hello there!
Centurion: Hello there!
Rebecky_mo: -_-;; hit the wrong button
KenPenders: I'll discuss San Diego during the main part of the chat
Kompy: *wavies to all* Its gettin' packed here!
Shadow: k
Dr__Robotnik: Any news yet?
Rebecky_mo: habe I missed anything??
Centurion: o.o
Kompy: not yet
Emfrbl: haven't started yet
JerryP: My, my. More and more people.
RDB: Has somebody told the 6+ people in the other rooms that it's over here?
Centurion: Anyone coming to the chicago convention this july?
BobR: Okay...Welcome to Ken's Chat Room! This is an informal discussion with Ken Penders. We'll start tonight with Ken giving a quick summary of what he's been up to, then we'll take some questions and answers. Please wait until your called upon to voice your question, and please refrain from unnecessary chatter in the channel, as it uses up display space. Ken, the floor is all yours. :)
Emfrbl: they've been told but their sitting idle you see!
SYSTEM: "Sonick13_ went out."
BobR: Yes, I have, Ron...
BobR: Yes, I have, Ron...
SYSTEM: Sonick13_ has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:02:42 PM
Argentum: Or the Toronto one in August?
Sonick13_: Hello there!
Sonick13_: Whoops
KenPenders: Okay now, it's been really busy these past couple of months what with work and still getting settled here in sunny California.
KenPenders: Currently, I'm working on 6 major projects, some of which will be of interest to certain members in the audience for reasons I'll make clear as i go along.
KenPenders: The first, obviously, is Sonic... or rather Knuckles, in my case. Right now, I've scripted the series well into next year.
Centurion: great
Emfrbl: ya!
Kompy: Daaamn!
KenPenders: Initially, I was going to resolve the plot point of Knuckles' green condition within the next few issues, but that was pushed back for reasons I'll make clear later.
Rebecky_mo: ^_^ YES!!! That's great
Dr__Robotnik: Hmm...
Emfrbl: doesn't bother me!
Nax: *snaps her fingers*
Sonick13_: It was cool while he was green though
Rebecky_mo: ^_^;; I meant the scripting for Knux's stories, not the green thing
Kompy: As long as it works plotwise, I can live with that.
Emfrbl: I miss him being red!
KenPenders: The next project on my agenda is what I refer to as The Lost Ones multi-media project. One aspect is the graphic novel, the other aspect being an interactive game for the website developed from the graphic novel storyline.
SYSTEM: KevinTRod has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:08:30 PM
KevinTRod: Hello there!
M-lee_Echidna: Thank heavens, Green was good for a while but not this long.
Dr__Robotnik: Interactive game?
SYSTEM: J_E_Smith has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:08:51 PM
J_E_Smith: Hello there!
KevinTRod: Sorry I'm late
J_E_Smith: Howdy folks
KevinTRod: Did I miss anything importent?
Centurion: heh i love graphic novels, just wish my bookstore did too, shipments are laaate heh
J_E_Smith: Who here has been to DK Vine?
KenPenders: The third project is a graphic novel I've been illustrating for a foreign publisher, and it looks like I'll be talking over the writing on that as well.
#Whisper! Emfrbl : Whoa your gonna be busy!
Emfrbl: Whoa you gonna be busy on that as well
SYSTEM: K-Rae has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:11:13 PM
K-Rae: Hello there!
Centurion: well i'll look forward to it
KenPenders: The other projects consist of a novel I've submitted an outfine on to a major publisher, a movie script and a scripting assignment for a TV show a friend and I have a meeting scheduled with the producers.
M-lee_Echidna: Prolly something else that won't be found around here. I still cant find the Lost Ones anywhere.
Rebecky_mo: boy, forget multiple Tails, your gonna need multiple Ken's to pull this off
Shadow: wow
Centurion: hmm yeah
SYSTEM: Tigsie_n'_Jag has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:12:16 PM
Tigsie_n'_Jag: Hello there!
Shadow: that sounds awesome +P
#Whisper! Emfrbl : sorry about that last post shadow the select thingy select you instead of ken!
Tigsie_n'_Jag: Hello?
Dr__Robotnik: You gonna have time for all this, Ken?
Rebecky_mo: hey Tigsie
KenPenders: In regards to the Lost Ones interactive game, while I have somebody already helping me with that, I'm probably going to need more assistants. I'd like to have something ready to go for the E3 show next year.
SYSTEM: Tigsie has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:13:24 PM
Tigsie: Hello there!
KenPenders: I don't have time for a life, but when did that ever stop me?
Kompy: Wait, this game is going for a console?
Blueblur: E3!
KevinTRod: I'll probibly be attending E3 next year, so I hope you have the game ready.
Emfrbl: guess not since your here as proof!
Shadow: what i wouldnt give to be at the E3..
Centurion: E3? dah i'd love to go
Tigsie: *blink* What is E3?
Emfrbl: I wish I come see E3, but I live in england....
BobR: Website Flash, Kompy.
J_E_Smith: lol
KevinTRod: I went to E3 last year but I was too busy to go this year.
Kompy: Ahh, got it
Sonick13_: E3 is where future video games that are in development are shown
Rebecky_mo: I'd kill to go to that...
Centurion: yep, like metroid x_X hehe
Tigsie: Cool, never heard of it though.
Centurion: o.o;;
Dr__Robotnik: Electronic Entertainment Expo. I think it's now the largest trade show in the world, isn't it?
Argentum: Electronic Arts Expo, I believe. It's pretty exclusive to get in I hear.
KenPenders: Another thing that will help is that I'm on the verge of having Dawn handle pencils solo on Knuckles without my layouts. Her latest effort is really quite beautiful.
Centurion: yep
KevinTRod: That's nice, Dawns artwork is awesome.
Shadow: thats sweet - dawn is a really great artist
Emfrbl: I'll say this to Dawn, keep it up!
Rebecky_mo: Go, Dawn, go Dawn!!! =P
SYSTEM: Metal_Chaos has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:16:19 PM
Metal_Chaos: Hello there!
Centurion: yep, she's a great asset
SYSTEM: "Sonick13_ went out."
Dr__Robotnik: Dawn does a good job
KevinTRod: But I'm still trying to figure out why Ron Lim is still doing the comic. Why do you guys keep him around?
SYSTEM: Sonick13_ has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:16:36 PM
Sonick13_: Hello there!
Tigsie: Ditto
KenPenders: I mean, if you think her stuff was great before, you haven't seen her best yet. She really gives Spaz and J. Axer a run for the money.
SYSTEM: Flare0080 has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:16:47 PM
Flare0080: Hello there!
Kompy: About time! It'll definately be a treat to see her go all-out with her designs
Sonick13_: Grr.. I keep pressing the Leave this room button!
Centurion: well i think it's covered now x_X heh, no need for me to repeat
SYSTEM: CrazyCLea has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:17:09 PM
CrazyCLea: Hello there!
Sonick13_: Anyways, Dawn Best rules in the art world!
M-lee_Echidna: that'll be cool.
Flare0080: Hey, sorry I am late...
Shadow: man, spaz and axer and dawn all THATS art
Centurion: axer? heh i'll have to see for that
Tigsie: Can we sneak a peak at her new stuff Ken? ^_^
Dr__Robotnik: J. Axer was already giving Spaz a run for his money, IMO
SYSTEM: MB_JPayan has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:17:27 PM
MB_JPayan: Hello there!
Nax: Yeah, I say the Knuckles artwork is in good hands
Emfrbl: The standard started to slip any dawn is the best thing that could happen!
KevinTRod: And yet with all that talent she stuck doing back up story's instead of the main story. How does that work out?
CrazyCLea: I love how this thing says "hello" for you...
Centurion: tigsie - lol
KenPenders: There are some good things about Ron's work, but there are other reasons we just don't can anyone off the book like that.
MB_JPayan: Hey All
Centurion: ok gtg, have fun peoples
Flare0080: Bye.
Rebecky_mo: hey MB, bye Centurion
Sonick13_: What reasons?
Emfrbl: Hey seen worst when the old SOnic the comic was still running!
MB_JPayan: Hey Ken! What's up, G-Money?
SYSTEM: BlazePrower has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:18:28 PM
Tigsie: C ya
BlazePrower: Hello there!
KevinTRod: Oh well, I'll (Grudgly) accept that answer.
Dr__Robotnik: Ron's work seems to be just inconsistant at best right now. What happened to SSS#13 Ron
Metal_Chaos: How can you guys read this fast?
Flare0080: Blaze, I was talking to you last night, but you never answered...
MB_JPayan: Hey Becky, et al.
KenPenders: I'm quite confident you'll see either Dawn and/or J.Axer on the lead Sonic story in the future, just not sure when due to a variety of reasons.
BlazePrower: Is Ken here?
Kompy: Yo, Blaze! Thought you woudn't make it!
KevinTRod: At least he can draw humans.
BlazePrower: Ken, tell me, are you still looking for a person to help you upon your website?
KevinTRod: Ok then, that's good enough for me.
Tigsie: they'll switch in other words?
Sonick13_: Whohoo! Best and Axer doing the main story!
MB_JPayan: Ken: How busy is Ron?
MB_JPayan: Ken: How busy is Ron?
Rebecky_mo: Axer's art rocks! He's one of my all time Sonic artists already...
MB_JPayan: I saw some of his work in his website, and he draws a good Spidey.
KenPenders: As for me, I'm just sticking to writing and inking where Sonic and Knuckles is concerned. At least for now.
Nax: Dawn and Axer on the lead story? Yay!
KevinTRod: Can't argue there. He drew the pictures for one of the Sipder-man novels I have.
Tigsie: what issue is the one were Knux goes to the afterlife in?
J_E_Smith: Lead story? When? (Sorry, I'm also in Mirc right now)
Emfrbl: So long as the stories keep coming I'm happy!
Rebecky_mo: O_O afterlife?!?!?!
J_E_Smith: ...the heck!?
Dr__Robotnik: He's just visiting
Sonick13_: Knuckles in the afterlife, I believe she means
MB_JPayan: In the future, JE Smith
BlazePrower: Ken, tell me, are you still looking for a person to help you upon your website?
Kompy: You DEFINATELY opened some eyes with the spoilers in #110...
Tigsie: i read off somewhere from the last chat if i recall
Shadow: when you have the power to travel thru time then visiting there would be a piece of cake ;)
KenPenders: Afterlife was pushed back so we could fit in a few extra stories concerning Knuckles when he was younger.
Rebecky_mo: *breathes again* Don't DO that to me!!! Knux no die...
Dr__Robotnik: Will there ever be a story about Spectre when he was younger?
Tigsie: ok then thanks ken
Shadow: sweet, knux's past is cool
Flare0080: What is up with Knuckles spelling out "Sega Saturn" in blocks?
RDB: Chaotix Babies???
Tigsie: I'd like to find out what happened with Voni-Ca and Morritori
KevinTRod: I'd think that with only 8 pages to work with it'd be very hard to just decide to do a story for Kuckles.
Emfrbl: You couldn't see th other side, the important side what he really wrote!
KenPenders: We're walking a tightrope between advancing the continuity and trying to keep things simple for new readers.
CrazyCLea: Chaotix Babies? I WISH. o_o
Flare0080: Indeed.
Emfrbl: ditto
KevinTRod: Ah that's a story I could live without.
SYSTEM: _DANGER_ has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:23:29 PM
_DANGER_: Hello there!
Rebecky_mo: Big mouthed Vector Jr....lovely
Flare0080: Hi.
BlazePrower: Welcome Danger.
Tigsie: LMAO
Sonick13_: About Dark Legion, will we ever see Moritiori Rex and Xenin ( say yes, PLEASE!) again?
KenPenders: For example, I just wrote a script which will be inserted during the Ultimate Power storyline that adds to the overall story, but you wouldn't miss it if it weren't there.
_DANGER_: 20 minutes late. :| Missed anything?
CrazyCLea: So long as it's Chaotix I'm happy... er, usually...
Kompy: Yeah, get those gaps in the family tree filled!
Metal_Chaos: About sonic 110 Is snively dead?
Emfrbl: what about Lara-Su? Ken will we see her again?
KevinTRod: Ok that makes sense.
Shadow: sounds interesting
J_E_Smith: I was late too...trying to raise by SA2 Chao and beat Diamond race
KenPenders: Xenin, yes. Moritori Rex, I never say never unless I mean never.
BlazePrower: Ken, if you are somewhat still looking for someone to help on your website. I'll be glad to be the programmer.
Sonick13_: YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KenPenders: You'll have to ask Karl about Snively. As for Lara-Su, the earliest she could return is around #124 at this rate.
Sonick13_: I was referring to Xenin's return. Heh. Xenin rocks!
SYSTEM: Asher_Tye has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:26:10 PM
Rebecky_mo: What about this supposed 'Son of Kragok'? We gonna see him anytime soon, or is this in the K: 20YL series?
Asher_Tye: Hello there!
Dr__Robotnik: So the answer re: Moritori is maybe?
Shadow: whoa..
KevinTRod: Ouch!
Blueblur: O_O
MB_JPayan: Ken: how long until Knux turns a definite "face" (good guy) again?
Tigsie: Thanks for putting Dimitri in the profiles thing Ken! ^_^
Emfrbl: issue 124 that sucks!
KenPenders: Check with Bob, Blaze. he reviews everyone's technical qualifications.
Kompy: Ouch, so distant...I suppose tthe Lara-Su story will expand that far?
Metal_Chaos: Where can I find Carl?
MB_JPayan: Metal: lurking in Ken's message board
KevinTRod: You know I'm surprised Dan isn't here, he's normally looking forward to this yearly chat...I think.
KenPenders: In my mind, Knuckles hasn't really turned... at least not yet.
Flare0080: Can anyone sum up the Tails mini series from when he goes to Downunda? The comic book shop never got the issues in and I couldn't find any on Ebay...
Dr__Robotnik: No Lara-Su until #124...another reason Knux needs his own book back.
SYSTEM: EnigmaEchidna has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:27:56 PM
Emfrbl: When we he?
BlazePrower: I almost didn't make it here. Surprised I got a brown belt and all this is happening on my birthday. Heh.
EnigmaEchidna: Hello there!
Nax: Yet, being the key word?
KevinTRod: Hasn't really turned? What do you mean?
Flare0080: Hey.
SYSTEM: "Emfrbl went out."
SYSTEM: "Metal_Chaos went out."
Tigsie: Does anybody else here else think Knuckles is taking after Dimitri in some sort of way? O.o
_DANGER_: Dr.R - he won't. No one bought it before.
MB_JPayan: Flare: I'll sell it to you. E-mail me @
M-lee_Echidna: Congrats Blaze.
Rebecky_mo: Kevin: He's kinda riding the wire right now, seeing both sides before he chooses
KevinTRod: Besides being an evil sceaming little punk?
MB_JPayan: ok. Thanx Ken
KevinTRod: Oh.
EnigmaEchidna: If I don't respond quickly it's because I'm cooking dinner for my family.Gomen
SYSTEM: Mage-of-Merford has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:28:52 PM
CrazyCLea: I'd like to see how Shadow'll be incorperated into the Archie side of Sonic... mebbe they could adapt parts of the SA2 storyline...?
Mage-of-Merford: Hello there!
Flare0080: Thanks a lot.
SYSTEM: "_DANGER_ went out."
SYSTEM: _DANGER_ has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:29:11 PM
_DANGER_: Hello there!
KenPenders: The only way Knuckles would get his own book again is if the sales on Sonic were to rise dramatically.
Sonick13_: How dramatically?
Asher_Tye: Is there ever going to be any resolution to the Tails isn't Tails revelation?
CrazyCLea: Hey Mager
MB_JPayan: Hmm... someone quick buy all the Sonic issues in the US!
SYSTEM: Metal_Chaos has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:29:48 PM
_DANGER_: That Tails miniseries was awful. It made the kid look like a whiny ingrate.
Shadow: dang - knux was the best title archie was putting out too
Kompy: In other words...a darn miracle. Oh well.
KevinTRod: Concidering how much the games had sold for you'd think Sega could advretise the comics as kind of a cross promotion.
K-Rae: Chat going too fast.. @.o;;
Metal_Chaos: Hello there!
Metal_Chaos: Hello there!
Tigsie: that'll be when Bush gets outta office and the economy rises. =P
Mage-of-Merford: Yo, CC.
BlazePrower: Any other things going to be sold on eBay? I'm finally getting a lot of money
KenPenders: Very dramatically at this stage. Enough to convince everyone doing so would be a worthwhile endeavor.
Dr__Robotnik: They did in Sonic Shuffle
Sonick13_: Sega advertised the comic in Sonic Shuffle's little pamphlet.
KenPenders: I'm going to be putting some Sonic art once again on ebay before long.
Kompy: Such dedication.
BlazePrower: There was also this comic on a Sonic Soup thing and I never did get it.
KevinTRod: That would be cool to see a little page of the instruction book saying to check out the comic for more great adventures! Maybe the 1 million or so people who bought the game might get intrested.
Rebecky_mo: the pamphlet few people read front to back? Makes sense to me =P
Rebecky_mo: the pamphlet few people read front to back? Makes sense to me =P
KevinTRod: They did?
MB_JPayan: How's the Lost Ones going?
Flare0080: Oh? Cool.
KevinTRod: I'm going to check, I'll be back...
Tigsie: yay...more stuff i can't afford. ~_~
Dr__Robotnik: An ad on the back page. It said "Keep the Party Going with Sonic Comics"
KenPenders: Dawn and I will probably be putting up the pages featuring Lara-Su's first appearance. Those will probably start around $150 or so.
M-lee_Echidna: I'm the only one around where I live who collects the Sonic Comics anymore.
BlazePrower: Ah, I can afford that.
Shadow: its their fault they dont help advertise - sega needs to take this comic seriously
Flare0080: ::faints::
KenPenders: The Lost Ones is being worked on with an eye towards a long-term plan
Tigsie: cool...i still can't afford it... ;__;
Flare0080: Me neither...not if I am always buying comics and games...
Metal_Chaos: Hey Ken, Why doesn't SEGA make a Archie sonic game
EnigmaEchidna: I can with my new job
KevinTRod: Sega makes games. A 10 cent cut of a comic isn't as good as a $40.00 buck proffit from a game sale.
BlazePrower: I'm going to bid on it, I might get out bidded but I'll try.
MB_JPayan: Because it's not Japanese
Tigsie: Archie Sonic Game!? I wish..
SYSTEM: August_9_RuLeZ has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:33:25 PM
August_9_RuLeZ: Hello there!
_DANGER_: Sega doesn't have the time or the resources to make a comic themselves.
BlazePrower: Welcome.
M-lee_Echidna: Sega take the comic seriously...LMAO
August_9_RuLeZ: hey people
Flare0080: They don't have the known-how either, Danger...
KenPenders: As for San Diego, I can announce that both Dawn and I will be there.
BlazePrower: SEGA is recovering so you never know what they are going to do.
MB_JPayan: Ken: were your Enterprise scripts approved?
Tigsie: if they took it over there'd be no Dimitri....=P
Kompy: Hope it goes well, then! I'd be nice to find a Lost Ones graphic novel somewhere here in Puerto Rico (but that's stretching it, I think)
MB_JPayan: Hmm... Road Trip to San Diego, anyone?
Shadow: sweet! im gonna be there w00t
Flare0080: Ken, will you ever be anywhere in New York?
SYSTEM: Princess_Armor_ has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:34:32 PM
Princess_Armor_: Hello there!
Dr__Robotnik: OOH! Anyone else going to be in SD?
KenPenders: We'll be selling artwork, doing sketches, signing books and being available to talk to everyone.
Metal_Chaos: I did hear that sega is making a new sonic game along with Sonic Adventure 3
KevinTRod: For the comic con? Probibly not this year, maybe next or the year after...
J_E_Smith: Great
BlazePrower: San Diego? Well, I'd have to take a plane to get there! So, I wont be going. I wish I could.
CrazyCLea: Ah, that Sonic and Shadow thing..?
Sonick13_: Hey, in #109, was the guy who looked like Locke, uh, Locke? (The echidna who said "Might I suggest a commitee to bridge the gap?" and so on) - and was the Syntar guy the one DL from #106?
Rebecky_mo: *sigh* You sure you're not mkaing it up to Toronto Ken??
Tigsie: Sonic and Shadow game right with SA3?
MB_JPayan: Karl Bollers, Jeff Powell, and possibly J Axer. At least according to the previous chat.
August_9_RuLeZ: hey KEN
KenPenders: It'll probably be at least a couple of years before i get back to the east coast.
KevinTRod: I could drive, but this year I've been busy with...stuff.
Tigsie: R there gonna be any cons in Florida? ^^;;;;
Metal_Chaos: Maybe it will be based on archies sonic, then again maybe not
Flare0080: Aww...but I can still wait!
Rebecky_mo: Curse my travel-phobic family!!! >_<
JerryP: So I shouldn't look for you at MegaCon next year?
MB_JPayan: I guess that the chances of you coming back to a Michigan Comic Con are slim to none, right Ken?
Blueblur: ditto tigsie
Tigsie: Rmo-LOL same here! ^^
Flare0080: Rebecky, I have the same problem...
Metal_Chaos: How bout a con in Altoona Pa.
M-lee_Echidna: its too far for me.
Dr__Robotnik: Dan Drazen and Kedzie-K must have gotten the wrong time
MB_JPayan: Becky: Curse my poor bank account for me! (LOL)
Flare0080: Ever since 9/11, my parents refuse to fly...but I don't blame them...
KevinTRod: They must have.
KenPenders: I gave up on Michigan awhile back. Didn't like how they treated the artists or the fans.
August_9_RuLeZ: i live in NH
KevinTRod: Did they treat them like crud?
Tigsie: i thought you said we'd be seeing Enerjak Ken what happened?
SYSTEM: Vector has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:38:02 PM
Vector: Hello there!
KevinTRod: Or did they just didn't treat them right?
Flare0080: Hey Vector.
MB_JPayan: You know the irony of it, Ken? I moved to Michigan on your last year in the Michigan comic con. Do I have bad luck or what?
Shadow: hey vector
CrazyCLea: Hey Vec
M-lee_Echidna: I know Kedz was taking a break from online stuff, but as far as I know he was planing on comming.
Metal_Chaos: Dont go to main hate outsiders, sorry to anyone in main
BlazePrower: Hello Vector.
MB_JPayan: I used to live in El Paso, TX.
Vector: hey cra-z and shadow
BlazePrower: Sorry about that, I had to make a call.
BlazePrower: Sorry about that, I had to make a call.
KenPenders: Long story about Michigan right now.
KevinTRod: I've always lived in California.
August_9_RuLeZ: CA is cool
BlazePrower: It seems we all want you in our states somewhere Ken.
Kompy: Ever traveled abroad? Say, the Caribbeans?
KevinTRod: Yes it is! ^_^
Rebecky_mo: Storytime!!! ^__^;;;
Shadow: CA is cool? more like stifling hot ;)
Dr__Robotnik: Depends on where you are in CA
KevinTRod: If Ken was my neighbor I could get my books signed...but alas, it was not to be! jk
August_9_RuLeZ: its to hot some times in CA
Sonick13_: Hey, in #109, was the guy who looked like Locke, uh, Locke? (The echidna who said "Might I suggest a commitee to bridge the gap?" and so on) - and was the Syntar guy the one DL from #106? (who was with the other DL and was the one who reported in to Dimitri - they were looking for Lara-Su)
Rebecky_mo: Blaze: Provinces too, for us Canucks ;D
Flare0080: Ken, do you ever meet up with other artists and have similiar thoughts about comics you review?
EnigmaEchidna: I live in The Hamptons, where Billy Joel yelled at me during work.
KenPenders: I've been to Canada, but nowhere overseas just yet, but if opportunity occurs, I'd go overseas in a heartbeat.
MB_JPayan: So Ken, looking forward to the new James Bond movie? ;)
Tigsie: maybe it was Locke from the future! XD;
BlazePrower: Be right back.
#Whisper! Metal_Chaos : Don't now Freezing our butt's off in PA. right now
KevinTRod: I'd like to go to Japan (Big Japan fan), but money issue's would arise with THAT trip!
RDB: To visit, or live?
M-lee_Echidna: And I've forgotten to take notes because I thought he'd be here. So tSf is outta luck unless he's not telling us he's him again like last time.
Blueblur: Loved GoldenEye. :)
August_9_RuLeZ: Bond is da Bomb
Kompy: Not to shamelessly plug my own homeland, but do try checking Puerto Rico sometime ;D
CrazyCLea: I was in Japan for all of two days and it was great =P
KevinTRod: I'm part Puerto Rico part Irrish.
JerryP: I'm noting what Ken says.
August_9_RuLeZ: my friend went to puerto rico
MB_JPayan: I'm all Mexican.
KenPenders: Oh yeah. My fellow artistsa and writers discuss our opinions just like you guys about our likes and dislikes. As for the new Bond film, what do you think? I'll be there for the first showing.
EnigmaEchidna: I'm Part PR and Bolivian
Nax: Hey Mr. Penders... It was mentioned that Prince Elias is going to be showing up in the comics sometime soon... Do you have any details on what he'll be doing, or where he'll be?
Rebecky_mo: heh, while you're at it, come up to North Bay in August. Our Annual Hertiage festival is goin down ^^;;
KevinTRod: I'll be there for Disney's Lilo and Stich, first showing, first day. The new Disney film's are MY Star Wars!
Flare0080: On the subject of movies, how did you guys like Star Wars Ep. II?
MB_JPayan: Did you, or your son, checked out the exclusive video game, Ken? 007: Agent Under Fire. It's an original story.
KevinTRod: Haven't seen it yet.
Blueblur: Haven't seen it... :(
KenPenders: By the way, we have a surprise guest among you guys... my son Stephen.
Rebecky_mo: Never saw ST II...but Spiderman RULES the planet!!!
Flare0080: Oh, hello, who ever you
Dr__Robotnik: I liked Ep II, except for some of the dialog.
KevinTRod: Did you have a new baby?
Kompy: Aww, really?! Where?
Rebecky_mo: Stephen? Where???
Blueblur: Spidey's awesome!
Shadow: really? hi to stephen then
EnigmaEchidna: Ken after the entire Lara-Su time trip saga, will we see her again? I.E. being trained by the Knuckles of the past.
Tigsie: *waves to Stephen*
KenPenders: Saw Star Wars II and Spider-Man... Spidey was better.
Sonick13_: Star Trek is the bomb! Star Trek 10 (movie this fall) is coming soon. I'm hyped for that!
CrazyCLea: *waves to the hidden Stephen?*
Rebecky_mo: ^o^ YAY!!!!!
MB_JPayan: Is he undercover? Hey yo' Stephen.
J_E_Smith: Ep. II was great. Just saw it past Sunday
EnigmaEchidna: Thats my brother's name,same spelling too
August_9_RuLeZ: hey people
KevinTRod: I liked Spider-man...but I can't compare yet.
KenPenders: Say hello to everyone, Steve.
Flare0080: I agree! Spider man was good except for the fact that he actually had a spider web like...growing out of his arm...
M-lee_Echidna: Saw them both also and liked starwars Better. But Spidy was the second best to date.
Blueblur: Hey Stephen.
KevinTRod: Ah minor problem.
KenPenders: August 9 is Steve, for anyone who hasn't guessed.
Kompy: *waves to Stephen* You be good to your Dad now!
BlazePrower: Alright, yes Spider man was awesome.
MB_JPayan: My biggest beef with Spider-man is how humorless Spidey is.
KevinTRod: I didn't guess.
Flare0080: I just realized I look slow...>.>
K-Rae: *waves to Stephen* Hey
Rebecky_mo: really?? Hiya Steve!! *waves*
KenPenders: He'll be with me at the San Diego con as well.
_DANGER_: August 9 is two days before Hulk Hogan's birthday.
SYSTEM: Pepperidge has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:45:50 PM
Pepperidge: Hello there!
Flare0080: Well, hey Steve. Lol.
SYSTEM: Pepperidge has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 07:45:50 PM
Pepperidge: Hello there!
Flare0080: Well, hey Steve. Lol.
August_9_RuLeZ: August 9th rules people
Pepperidge: ... what are you looking at?
Blueblur: Hidden Stev-o.
Tigsie: =P
Vector: I loved Spiderman except for the organic web shooters - didn't see the point of changing that.
August_9_RuLeZ: A great movie comes out
KevinTRod: Steve you've just officialy become the center of attaintion!
Shadow: Are you going to be at the San Diego comic con for the whole thing, or just certain days?
Flare0080: August 9th rules for what particualr reason?
Rebecky_mo: HULKAMANIA LIVES!!!! (Well, breathes at least)
MB_JPayan: Will there be a John Romita Sr/John Romita Jr effect in the Penders family?
M-lee_Echidna: THe organic web shooters were prolly to save time.
Dr__Robotnik: Ken, will we get some background on Spectre. You can't NOT explain him.
Tigsie: is august 9th your bday? O___o
Blueblur: Heh, yeah?
KenPenders: Actually, the organic web-shooters make a lot of sense.
MB_JPayan: NOOOOOOO! NOT HERE TOO! THe SmarK inside of me hurts!
KevinTRod: THANK YOU!!!! See people!
Pepperidge: I think they were just trying to trim it down..
August_9_RuLeZ: dont no
Pepperidge: Ken, I just popped in for a second to ask you one thing.
Dr__Robotnik: If Spidey does the things a spider can
M-lee_Echidna: I thought so too, but for those who can't make sense out of 'em that explination is as good as any.
Blueblur: How would a high-school kid make non-organic webshooters... Not believable.
Rebecky_mo: ^o^ Go Web!! Shazam!!
MB_JPayan: He has a lot of free time, Blur?
KenPenders: Why should Spidey gain all the abilities of a spider except being able to spin a web?
KevinTRod: Well if he didn't, we wouldn't have a good theme song.
Blueblur: lol MB
KevinTRod: Again, thank you!
CrazyCLea: I wanna see that movie, now... >_<
EnigmaEchidna: Ken will Lara-Su appear after the Time Travel Saga is over with? I.E. Training from Knuckles of the past.
BlazePrower: I don't know how this thing turned into a Spiderman chat but alright. To bad I'm not much of a fan of him.
BlazePrower: I don't know how this thing turned into a Spiderman chat but alright. To bad I'm not much of a fan of him.
Blueblur: True dat, Ken
Kompy: The only thing I find unbelievable is the costume (the 'real' one)
Flare0080: I wish POD han't put the song, "Alive" in the XGames movie, it would have looked better for Spider-Man.
K-Rae: Crazy: I've been wanting to see it.. o_o
BlazePrower: Ken, in 110 I have a question... is Eggman dead or has he something surpriseing coming?
Pepperidge: Ken, I just wanted to know if you saw my inquiery about the term "Silver Sonic" in the MB, and if you knew anything about it.
Rebecky_mo: Heh, I kinda liked the one he used in the wrestling match...that was so funny
MB_JPayan: Just stick the 60's theme in the Spidey movie and I'll be happy.
Dr__Robotnik: I didn't know there was an X-Games movie...
Metal_Chaos: Now that sega is now making games for nintendo, Does anyone want to see mario in the sonic comics.
KenPenders: I have definite ideas about bringing her back once AFTERLIFE takes place
Blueblur: Sweet!
KevinTRod: Intresting.
EnigmaEchidna: "Go Web"
Tigsie: *lurks happily
CrazyCLea: ...Mario? No. How would that FIT?
Sonick13_: Is Afterlife another four-parter?
MB_JPayan: Anything big planned for S125, Ken?
Pepperidge: Know anything about it Ken?
Blueblur: No Mario, please!
Metal_Chaos: If only for one comic
KevinTRod: Mario sucks in comparison to Sonic! Sonic is MUCH cooler!
Metal_Chaos: Like a zone.
J_E_Smith: Hey Ken, did Karl get rid of the Eggman design because there are no more game tie-ins in the future?
Vector: Bringing who back? I missed that...
KenPenders: Mike K and I actually submitted a Mario/ Sonic plot for Sega to approve way back when.
Flare0080: I watched this Flash animated video of Sonic Vs. Mario and Sonic beat him by chaning into Super Sonic and putting a hole through him!
CrazyCLea: That would be a rather sad crossover, methinks
Dr__Robotnik: No Mario.
Tigsie: 125? Thinking a bit ahead aren't we? =P
KevinTRod: There's going to be new Sonic games, so there WILL be tie-in's if Sega is involved!
MB_JPayan: Mario/Sonic? Impartial Sega-holics would revolt!
Shadow: lol the only thing is mario is just a guy with no real backstory....while sonic and knux is a complex one w/details not just plumbers
Dr__Robotnik: I remember hearing about that
Kompy: ...I'd definately prefer a Mario crossover over Sonic crosing over with any of the other Archie comic characters
Metal_Chaos: Hey were do you get off saying that mario sucks.
Pepperidge: Ken, do you know anything about Silver Sonic? It's all I ask.
Tigsie: LOL @ MB jpayan~
MB_JPayan: Sabrina/Sonic crossover. *shudders*
Blueblur: True true
M-lee_Echidna: I've wanted to see that for a long time. Mario vs. Sonic.
Flare0080: So, you are saying that a Sabrina cross-over was a mistake?
Metal_Chaos: What was that ken.
Pepperidge: Then I'll leave you Archie folk alone forever.
EnigmaEchidna: What about lara-le's baby?How long will it be till we see it hatched and gender type info released.
KenPenders: Actually, we were spoofing Mario, so it was pretty irreverant. I'll have to see if I still have the plot to post on the website.
KevinTRod: I can just see it now: Mario: Hey! Wait' a up I say! Sonic: How did I get stuck with THIS slow-mo!?!
Kompy: Flare: YES.
Rebecky_mo: never said Mario sucked. Just said he should get his butt kicked by sonic
Flare0080: u.u;;
BobR: Okay, folks...let's keep the comments down.
MB_JPayan: Ken: any plans on doing a drawing guide? Some Batman artist has one in his website.
KenPenders: In our story, the brothers were dentists, not plumbers.
Dr__Robotnik: Somebody else did a drawing guide. I see it on e-Bay sometimes.
KevinTRod: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
Tigsie: Dentists.....O___o
Shadow: lol!
Flare0080: Lol.
_E_Smith: LOL
EnigmaEchidna: Sonic and Shadow= Mario and Luigi
Metal_Chaos: I saw that one!!!
Rebecky_mo: Heh ^^
Kompy: Dentists? Why not, they've been everything else ^^
KenPenders: The drawing guide is something I've always wanted to do for this website.
Sonick13_: Again, will this Afterlife plot be a four-parter like Reunification?
Nax: Dr. Mario... eat your heart out.
MB_JPayan: Dentists? Reminds me of that Gallagher short: the Dentist-both.
KevinTRod: Dentists, I'm scared to death of dentists! Now I REALLY hate Mario!!!
BlazePrower: I would love to see that.
Tigsie: I vote for the Drawing Guide! ^^
MB_JPayan: *Dentist-bot
KevinTRod: At least in Archie world.
EnigmaEchidna: ditto
Flare0080: Ken, are you considered part of the Sonic Team by Sega?
MB_JPayan: Me too! I have a hard time drawing females.
Rebecky_mo: ^^ drawing guide VERY good idea
KenPenders: Afterlife is a 4-parter.
MB_JPayan: I could use a pointer or two.
Kompy: Yes! Either a Drawing Guide or a Character sheet
KevinTRod: Cool!
Tigsie: 4 parts...good it'll be longer. ^_^
Rebecky_mo: MB: funny, it's the guys I have trouble drawing...
KenPenders: Only the people connected with Yuji Naka are considered part of the Sonic team.
MB_JPayan: BTW: Has the Knux secret been revealed yet, Ken?
CrazyCLea: ...there WOULD have to be a storm coming in now of all times. -_- Guess I miss the rest of the chat. Ja ne.
EnigmaEchidna: What Lara-Le's baby?How long till its hatching and its gender info released?
Flare0080: Oh, I see...either way, I bet they respect you.
EnigmaEchidna: Secret?
KevinTRod: Hey Ken, think Jay and Silent Bob could ever guest star as an inside joke for the movie lovers that read the comic?
BlazePrower: I would do anything to meet Yuji Naka.
Vector: sonic 1, 2, gg, 2gg combined guide
KevinTRod: Maybe Yuji Naka could guest star as a furry as a joke for Sonic fans!
Metal_Chaos: A good tie in for mario would be smithy(from Mario RPG) he uses robots just like Robotnik
MB_JPayan: The problem I have with females are the mamary glands. They're off-model way to ofter. I also have problems with the torso.
Tigsie: I wanna see Locke's reaction when he discovers Knux bumping heads with the DL!
August_9_RuLeZ: jay and silent bob are awsome
MB_JPayan: *mammary glands
Blueblur: Clerks!
Sonick13_: Speaking of Sonic Team, why are the Sega Data Files called SEGA data files? They have nothing to do with Sega's storyline - they should just be called Sonic data files.
KenPenders: Jay and Silent Bob would be tough to pull off, but they'd appear in Echidnaopolis before anywhere else.
_DANGER_: MB: *cough*Rouge*cough*
MB_JPayan: Good PR?
Kompy: Say whaaa? O_o;
Tigsie: Who r Jay and Silent Bob? o__o
Rebecky_mo: Rouge ain't female, she's plastic... =P
KevinTRod: Well why not? Instead of having them sell drugs have them in one panel selling fieworks (Like they did in the Clerks show)!
MB_JPayan: LOL! I'm focusing on humans right now. I used to draw a good Knux, but I'm drawing him offmodel way too ofter.
Tigsie: LOL @ Rmo
KevinTRod: *fireworks
Nax: LOL Rmo...
August_9_RuLeZ: cool idea
Metal_Chaos: Lets get off of the rouge subject please
SYSTEM: "CrazyCLea went out."
Kompy: Echidna Jay & Silent life is complete.
J_E_Smith: Rouge vs. Bunnie...looking forward to that
Pepperidge: Don't hate Rouge because of her breasts. I don't understand why people do that.
M-lee_Echidna: I'm with MB. I can't draw Knux and crew right since I've been workin' on humans.
EnigmaEchidna: What about Lara-Le's baby?How long till its hatching and its gender info released?
KevinTRod: Well it's not like there haven’t been wasted panels in the past, might as well waste 1 panel on a joke right?
Rebecky_mo: I wanna c Julie-su and Kommisar butt heads >:D
KenPenders: The problem with that is all the complaints from readers who wouldn't get the joke. We got a ton of complaints about the Star Wars references as it was.
BlazePrower: LOL. Man, no one can back away from Rouge huh?
Tigsie: Julie-Su Vs Kommy. That's something I gotta see!
KevinTRod: Complaints? Big deal it's an INSIDE JOKE!!!
MB_JPayan: Yeah. I mean, it's just a joke. It's not like the world will end with one little reference.
KevinTRod: Inside jokes won't be picked up by kids, so why should they complain?
Metal_Chaos: you think
Vector: Complaints over an in-joke are silly, ImO.
EnigmaEchidna: Cat Fight!
KenPenders: You'll see Knuckles' sibling once AFTERLIFE has run its course.
J_E_Smith: I don't care about THAT part of Rouge.
Kompy: I love Rogue! I see alot of potencial for her character-wise! And Ken, let 'em complain-an obscure joke ain't funny if it ain't obscure!
K-Rae: I like the Star Wars references. XP
MB_JPayan: Bah with nit-pickers. That's what I say.
KevinTRod: Aparently SOME people loved the Star Wars jokes.
MB_JPayan: Except with wrestling, 'cuz I nitpick a lot. (lol)
Pepperidge: I don't care for Knux's green shoes. Doesn't mean I hate him.
EnigmaEchidna: How will Rogue be handled in the comic,will she pose any threat to Julie-Su?
Metal_Chaos: Never seen the star wars refrence, oh wait the source.
Blueblur: Dang. All the good stuff comes after AFTERLIFE.
Rebecky_mo: 'Hate' is a very strong word....
KevinTRod: I don't care for Knux being green, but beggers can't be choosers.
Tigsie: I hope not. O__o
J_E_Smith: Maybe they should of given Rouge FPS stages to fit her spy theme
Flare0080: I read it in the MBs, but I actually have to know how Tails actually flys because his tails would get all tangled up if he did twirl them together. Ken, can you somewhat explain this?
KenPenders: Actually, the source was "borrowed" more from Jack Kirby than Star Wars.
MB_JPayan: Would Echidna Jay and Silent Pop be stoners? I would laugh so loud if that were the case. "Hey Knux, want a hit?"
Kompy: Enigma=THAT'S a triangle I can picture ^^
Shadow: rings lead to emeralds, emeralds lead to enerjak, enerjak leads to the dark side! =P
EnigmaEchidna: I just know what question ask :)
SYSTEM: "Rebecky_mo went out."
SYSTEM: Rebecky_mo has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 08:02:27 PM
Rebecky_mo: Hello there!
SYSTEM: DanDrazen has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 08:02:28 PM
DanDrazen: Hello there!
MB_JPayan: It's the D-Dude!
BlazePrower: Hey Dan.
Kompy: DRAZEN! HIHI ^^
MB_JPayan: Where have you been, homie?
J_E_Smith: Dan! Alright
Shadow: Hi Dan
EnigmaEchidna: How will Rogue be handled in the comic,will she pose any threat to Julie-Su?
Dr__Robotnik: You must have got the wrong time
M-lee_Echidna: Its Dan! he's late. Hello anyway Dan.
KenPenders: Hi, Dan.
Vector: Hello Dan
Rebecky_mo: hey DD
Argentum: Too many references isn't good. It takes away from the believablilty. (Yeah yeah, I know it's a little talking animals...)
Nax: Hi Dan
DanDrazen: Hadta stop at the grocery store on my way here.
JerryP: Hello, Dan
MB_JPayan: You know what would be cool? A Sonic story in Cowboy Bebop fashion.
MB_JPayan: Or Knux for that matter.
Vector: Is anyone recording this chat?
Blueblur: Ugh...
Flare0080: Ken, what music genre do you prefer? (Just curious)
KevinTRod: Just a FEW refernces! Since they can waste panels on someone raising there eyebrows they can slip in a one panel joke!
Pepperidge: Shadow = Spike
JerryP: Not the whole chat.
Tigsie: CB and Sonic! Is that even allowed?!
Flare0080: Cowboy Bebop is awesome!
Shadow: i am recording this, yes
Pepperidge: Maria = Julia. ^_^
B BlazePrower: Heh, I didn't think I would of made it either.
KevinTRod: Probibly not, let's keep it simple.
Rebecky_mo: ...I wouldn't mind seeing Sally Moon again... *runs from flying fruit*
Pepperidge: Eggman = Jet
KenPenders: Right now, we're still trying to deal with the 3 story vs 1 story per issue argument.
MB_JPayan: Sonic = Spike. Rouge = Faye. Amy = Ed.
KevinTRod: I like Sailor Moon, but I could live without Sally Moon.
Pepperidge: Rouge = Faye
Flare0080: Tigsie: Well, they both take place in the future...
EnigmaEchidna: Once the gender of child is discovered we should pick the name!
BlazePrower: Hm, is KNuckles ever going to be known as Rad Red anymore. LOL.
Pepperidge: Biolizard = Ein. ;)
MB_JPayan: You haven't seen Sailor Moon until you see it uncensored.
Tigsie: Sally Moon could be better but i don't think i wanna see it any time soon
Dr__Robotnik: Rebecky-Mo: If more was done with it, maybe.
Kompy: *might regret this* Any chance of seeing any more Zonic stories?
DanDrazen: Sounds like Pepp has given the Sonic/CB crossover some thought...
Pepperidge: Shadow makes a better Spike. Sonic makes a good Vicious.
KevinTRod: Heck with Jay and Silent Bob just have them in an alternate reality and and have Jay say "Opps. Wrong comic man."
Tigsie: I like 3 stories in One issue.
MB_JPayan: I HIGHLY doubt that Sailor Moon Stars will make it to the US. Maybe for Adult Swim.
M-lee_Echidna: Blaze, we've already hit that issue and the answer was yes.
Pepperidge: My "Chaogelion" idea is better.
J_E_Smith: Put Sally Moon back on and do more...feature more of the senshi!
EnigmaEchidna: Who would be Edward?
#Whisper! Vector : Yes, Pep's been touting the CB crossover for a while :)
Flare0080: Tails makes a good Ein! Lmao.
MB_JPayan: Amy = Edward
KevinTRod: It would be VERY intresting to see get's to play Ami!
Sonick13_: Hey, is there any chance there will be another mini-series or special, Ken?
MB_JPayan: Who would be Ein?
KevinTRod: Amy.
KenPenders: That's up to Karl or Benny as far as Zonic goes.
Metal_Chaos: CB? i was more thinking of a jet set radio future crossover
EnigmaEchidna: How will Rogue be handled in the comic,will she pose any threat to Julie-Su?
Pepperidge: Omochao would be Ed
Tigsie: Amy is too girly
Blueblur: Chaogelion! lol
Rebecky_mo: I'd wanna see more plot to it, of course, see the senshi. Julie-supiter, Hershey Mars... =P
DanDrazen: What's the deal with the Hampster Dance anime starting next week?
MB_JPayan: That can be changed, Tigsie
Pepperidge: Chaosgelion: Shinji = Eggman Gendou = Gerald Rei = Maria
MB_JPayan: Someone in production smoked too much?
Vector: But I doubt management would allow such a crossover, given the target audience of both series
J_E_Smith: Hooooo boy....Hamatro
KevinTRod: Some new show CN is hoping to be the next Pokemon. Hopefully it will be good if anything at all.
Rebecky_mo: HAMSTER DANCE ANIME!?!?!?!?! *falls over* -_-;;; God save us...
BlazePrower: Hampster Dance? What are these Japanese people creating?
Kompy: Hamtaro? Oh, GOD...the hamster with mad skillz.
Tigsie: I have the hampster dance CD! =3
M-lee_Echidna: I'd love to be on the editing staff for that series, I'm also not looking for the Sailor Stars to be commin' out anytime soon.
KevinTRod: Well it actually looks intresting...for a kids show.
J_E_Smith: I can watch Gilligan or make fun of that fat Chinese guy on Sagwa the time it's on
Metal_Chaos: Hamster dance? 0.o'
Tigsie: Hamtaro? When is that coming out again?
Shadow: Ken, will you be at the San Diego con for the entire thing or just specific days?
JerryP: I heard it began the decline of Pokemon in Japan.
Kompy: It has nothing to do with the Hamster Dance, but plenty to do with uber-cute hamsters!
MB_JPayan: *realizes we went on a tangent for way too long* So Ken... uh... how's the weather?
KevinTRod: Sailor Stars uncut on DVD! That's the ONLY way to go with that show!
Blueblur: Next week.
M-lee_Echidna: Hey, Ken, did you ever find the Sonic Anime DVD?
Dr__Robotnik: Hamster dance...what music is on that site right now?
Kompy: This Monday on *TOONAMI*
Flare0080: Ken, you should try and grab a spot ont he Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast show! You would be a great guest!
MB_JPayan: I agree with Kevin. Cartoon Network won't air tranvesties.
KenPenders: I'm still trying to talk Spaz into doing a special Sonic story -- the one we were originally going to do for the Super Specials.
Tigsie: kk
#Whisper! Vector : Would you mind e-mailing me the archive at
J_E_Smith: Who here has been to Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine?
EnigmaEchidna: How will Rogue be handled in the comic,will she pose any threat to Julie-Su?
Rebecky_mo: SPAZ!!!! What kinda story???
DanDrazen: I have to watch it if only to see how strange television can get.
BlazePrower: Alright guys, I'm sorry but I really need to take off. I have so much activities going on here. So, Ken, nice seeing you again and I'll ask Bob if I get the chance.
Pepperidge: You silly Americans. If you have to EDIT Cowboy Bebop just to show it at a 12:00 timeslot, you know there's something wrong with society.
Metal_Chaos: That reminds me Segs might make another Sonic Anime or even A Sonic Anime series
KenPenders: Never found the Sonic anime DVD, and I've been looking
MB_JPayan: Hmm... how about publishing it through the Internet, Ken? Sell the story in PSD form.
Flare0080: C ya Blaze.
KevinTRod: Rember the J and SB guest apearence! Or the Yuji Naka apearence!
Kompy: Special Sonic story?
Sonick13_: Cool, a Sonic Special!
Pepperidge: I still don't understand what CN was thiking trying to pull OS off as a kid's show...
#Whisper! Vector : Thanks!
KevinTRod: Buy it from
M-lee_Echidna: I can't watch Toonami because I don't get Cartoon Network out here.

MB_JPayan: That way Archie doesn't have to worry about publishing it.
BlazePrower: My website is if anyone wants to see. Adios guys. See you next chat.
Blueblur: OS?
KenPenders: Couldn't do that. Only Archie has the rights to publish a Sonic comic story.
DanDrazen: Later, Blaze.
MB_JPayan: *sees Blze's post* Shameless Shilling! Bwahahaha!
KevinTRod: Oh well, I buy my anime uncot on DVD anyway so I don't care...unless there IS no uncot version THEN I care!!!
Pepperidge: Ken, do you know anything about the term Silver or not? Even a "no" would make me happy. ^_^
MB_JPayan: Well, what if Archie publishes it through their website? I'm sure it will shake off a cobweb or two.
EnigmaEchidna: Yu YU Hakusho rules!
KenPenders: Pepper, no. At least my memory isn't registering anything at this time.
M-lee_Echidna: In America that is. Fleetway ended their Sonic series as of reciently.
Metal_Chaos: ::Hits his mikeraphone:: is this thing working, Hello.
Tigsie: I luv YuyuHakusho! ^__^
Dr__Robotnik: Will we see Spectre sans helmet any time soon?
Nax: Hey Mr. Penders, do you have any info on what Prince Elias will be doing, or where he'll be when he makes a reapperance?
KenPenders: I have to check if Archie put up the data files which were done specifically for their website.
Pepperidge: Okay, thanks. It's a big debate going on. We KNOW that the robots from Sonic 2, Sonic & Knuckles, and the tubed bot from SA1 are all the same robot, but no one's sure whether his name is really Silver Sonic...
EnigmaEchidna: now theres a crossover
Tigsie: R u gonna put up any sonic knux profiles on your website Ken?
SYSTEM: "Pepperidge went out."
EnigmaEchidna: Olgive!
Metal_Chaos: Oh Silver sonic I think he was just Mecha sonic
M-lee_Echidna: Ken, last I checked, no Archie hadn't put them up yet. That was a few weeks ago though.
Sonick13_: About Archie's Sonic section on their website, do they even care?!? People really do try to find info on the internet, and Archie has like 7-year old info on it. And why did they choose such a poor story for their "Read a Sonic comic" thing? It makes it look like StH is in black in white and is cheesy!
Dr__Robotnik: The US Sonic 2 GameGear manual says Silver Sonic, but I don't really trust the US manuals
EnigmaEchidna: How will Rogue be handled in the comic,will she pose any threat to Julie-Su?
KenPenders: Pepper, this is why I'm not sure. I have heard the term "Silver Sonic", but it seems to me we've always used the term "Mecha-Sonic" when referring to that character.
Tigsie: Agrees with Sonic13
KevinTRod: Because Archie isn't the most dependable people to be running this comic.
Kompy: ...say! Forgive me if this was asked already, but will there be any closure with the 'Tails isn't Tails' thing in a near future, or is this being handled by another writer, if at all?
Rebecky_mo: No one poses a threat to Julie-su... =p
KevinTRod: Although you can't blame the writters, only the suits.
Dr__Robotnik: The "Read a Sonic Comic" thing still has "Sonic Spin City"?
Tigsie: bai yall! ^__^
SYSTEM: "Tigsie went out."
Flare0080: Bye Tigsie.
KenPenders: Only Benny and Karl know for sure as far as Tails.
Rebecky_mo: Ken: Any chance of a Chaotix member getting solos like before??
Metal_Chaos: See ya
EnigmaEchidna: How will Rogue be handled in the comic,will she pose any threat to Julie-Su?
DanDrazen: I thought the "Tails" plot was being featured in S114.
KevinTRod: Mini-series to even out the plot holes would help.
MB_JPayan: Ken won't write Roughe's story. Karl will.
Shadow: thats what it says for spoilers, but those arent very reliable
KenPenders: The Chaotix will be featured in upcoming installments. Dawn is drawing Mighty's first meeting with Knuckles.
Sonick13_: Yes, Sonic Spin City is still the comic there. It also says that Sonic is trying to defeat Robotnik once and for all :D
August_9_RuLeZ: g2g cya people
Shadow: whoa cool
KevinTRod: That should be good.
JerryP: Will we be seeing the origins of the current Brotherhood members anytime soon, particularly Spectre?
Rebecky_mo: ^_^ MIGHTY!!!! Thanks for telling me!!
Flare0080: Bye Steve!
KenPenders: One of the upcoming activites page will be a contest for would-be writers.
Rebecky_mo: bye steve
Shadow: bye stephen
KenPenders: Later, Steve. :-)
Metal_Chaos: Just a question can anyone hear me, hello
J_E_Smith: So what'd I miss?
Dr__Robotnik: Ken, shades of Sonic #14
SYSTEM: "August_9_RuLeZ went out."
DanDrazen: Would-be writers, eh? Wonder if I quality...
J_E_Smith: This is what I get for doing mIRC at the same time
MB_JPayan: Ken: I was thinking of this the other day. Why not make another "who can write the best panels" contest? Except w/o the "winner gets to draw in the Sonic comic" price.
Rebecky_mo: go 4 it Metal
Sonick13_: What do you mean, a contest for writers?
KevinTRod: Sonic Spin City was a joke gone wrong. Only hard-core comic fans would get the joke...and a don't think hard-core comic fans read Sonic.
MB_JPayan: later Steve. Don't disobey your father! :P
JerryP: Mmmm... would-be writers...
MB_JPayan: *who can draw the best panels
Kompy: Biya Stephen ^^
EnigmaEchidna: Up in the sky it's Superhog
KenPenders: I'm putting together a couple of pages of art for writers to do the captions and dialogue. Make the pictures tell a story.
MB_JPayan: I think it would be neat. Make it an online only thing. We can post them on the Message Board and everyone will decide which artist drew the best ones?
SYSTEM: "Metal_Chaos went out."
Flare0080: Sounds cool, Ken.
Dr__Robotnik: Just like "Do it Yourself Sonic" issue #14
Kompy: Oh, I remember you guys doing this a looooooooong time ago!
KevinTRod: And make Ron Lim's art look worse then it really is sometimes!
Shadow: sounds interesting
MB_JPayan: Ah, writing. I guess it's their turn now.
Rebecky_mo: MB: not just online! I'd hafta do it on stupid MS Paint then
J_E_Smith: heh
MB_JPayan: We already had the "complain about Ron Lim's art" period.
Blueblur: LOL
KenPenders: Something along those lines, only we'd reprint the story in a finished version in a future issue.
SYSTEM: Metal_Chaos has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 08:19:04 PM
KevinTRod: Sounds like fun, too bad I can't draw squat!
Metal_Chaos: Hello there!
KenPenders: This would not be online, but in the actual comic.
Shadow: cool
Dr__Robotnik: The winners of the previous contest's work was printed.
EnigmaEchidna: We need Chao on the FL
KevinTRod: Sounds really fun!
MB_JPayan: How long did it took to announce the winners for the first contest? Six months?
Dr__Robotnik: Good thing I have a flatbed scanner. I can enter that contest.
DanDrazen: IIRC, they couldn't contact some of the runners-up because they didn't include return addresses or something.
Sonick13_: Sounds neat
KenPenders: I wasn't working in the office and we received a ton of entries.
Kompy: I thought the contest was just write captions for a pre-written comic, not draw the comic as well
SYSTEM: Lexie-chan has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 08:21:35 PM
Lexie-chan: Hello there!
Nax: Hey Mr. Penders, do you have any info on what Prince Elias will be doing, or where he'll be when he makes a reapperance?
Rebecky_mo: Kompy: it was just for the captions.
Vector: BTW, what ever happened with the website assistant search?
MB_JPayan: Wasn't Karl going to write an Elias story?
Kompy: Thought so
Dr__Robotnik: How about a middle of the book story about chao? A three parter. There's a chao villain already.
DanDrazen: Nax: I have a feeling that Benny and/or Karl will be dealing with Elias.
KenPenders: Prince Elias will be dealt with by Karl or Benny.
Lexie-chan: >< I wish the Knuckles series was back!
Rebecky_mo: "Chao Adventure: the untold story" O_o
Nax: *Nods* I figured so
K-Rae: Lol.. XP
M-lee_Echidna: Lexie, you and I both, but ken's already said that sonic's sales would have to dramatically increase for that to happen.
Metal_Chaos: I personally think that antoine should get his own mini story
EnigmaEchidna: Will we ever find out what happened to Luger. If he lives or not?
EnigmaEchidna: Will we ever find out what happened to Luger. If he lives or not?
Dr__Robotnik: Chakuran could also have a domain in the Dark Chao Garden
KenPenders: I wish Knuckles were back as a series, but I have to deal with reality.
Kompy: Hmmm...if you could have the chance to redo (write or draw, you pick) any past comic (Sonic or otherwise), which would you pick and why?
Sonick13_: Antoine's getting his own main-story soon
EnigmaEchidna: Darn Lag
MB_JPayan: *pads Ken in the back* We all have to, Ken.
Rebecky_mo: Enigma: That's another thing I wanna see...Luger seeing Julie-su. Wonder what he'd think of her and Knux?
KevinTRod: Please say Battle Royal.
Metal_Chaos: Thank you Lord, Thank You
KenPenders: Kompy, don't take this the wrong way, but it remains to be seen how much longer I'll be doing this.
MB_JPayan: BTW: Does Lara-Su's existance has a double meaning? As in "this is the future of Equidna society."
Lexie-chan: Julie-Su and Knux are so cute together!
Sonick13_: Will we get to see the Anti-characters again?
Dr__Robotnik: Knuckles' own series would help the story move quicker. That's my only complaint about Knux right now. That and he's still green.
KevinTRod: I hate green.
Kompy: Heh, understood
Rebecky_mo: heh, Anti Amy Rose.... =P
Lexie-chan: I cant wait till the Cry of the Wolf comic remake!
EnigmaEchidna: Anti-Julie-Su wonder what she be like
MB_JPayan: I was thinking about that one the other day. Julie-Su is from the Dark Legion, and Knux from the Brotherhood. Lara-Su = the reunification of Equidna society.
M-lee_Echidna: Knuckles' own series would not only do that but make more room for the Sonic Stories.
KenPenders: As much as I enjoy working on Sonic and Knuckles, I like to look forward, not back.
Dr__Robotnik: Anti-Julie-Su would probably be over the top kawaii.
Rebecky_mo: Enigma:: A ditz, prolly
DanDrazen: I can only hope "Many Hands"'s talent has gotten better since "Naugus Games."
Sonick13_: What do you mean, Ken?
Kompy: ...*Coughs*AntiBunnie*Cough*. I'll be good.
Lexie-chan: Anti Charmy!!!
KevinTRod: But you have to admitt, Battle Royal sucked.
Metal_Chaos: Enough of knuckles being green, I mean Kirmit and slimer are green and no one complains, why not knuckles
MB_JPayan: I have two words for an anti-Julie-Su: Air Head
M-lee_Echidna: Well said, Ken, well said.
EnigmaEchidna: It's not easy being green
Dr__Robotnik: Kermit's a frog.
MB_JPayan: Doesn't Knux turns red again in the next story arc?
KevinTRod: Too true.
SYSTEM: Jo-Jo has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 08:27:23 PM
Jo-Jo: Hello there!
Rebecky_mo: Anti Julie-su, the BLONDE, EASY CHEERLEADER!!
KevinTRod: Lets hope so!
Lexie-chan: Anti charmy....=D
BobR: We're rapidly approaching the 90 minute mark. Are there any final questions for Ken?
SYSTEM: Josh has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 08:27:41 PM
Josh: Hello there!
MB_JPayan: White frankly, I expected Knux to do some wack "Dragon Ball Z" fireworks with his chaos energy.
Rebecky_mo: no offense to anyone blonde, a cheerleader....or easy =P
MB_JPayan: Aw...
M-lee_Echidna: Metal, because Knuckles was originally red, and to change him from the color he originally was to another color would be just screwy. IMO.
Dr__Robotnik: Yes, will we see Spectre sans helmet?
DanDrazen: Ken, if you want to work with a collaborator, I'll be available probably around the end of August because...
Shadow: Ken - how many days will you be at the San Diego comic con? Jw
Blueblur: Will we ever see Mecha Sonic again, Ken?????
Nax: Ken, do you plan on letting us know what fate has befallen Kragok at some future point?
JerryP: Will we be seeing the origins of the current members of the Brotherhood, particularly Spectre, anytime soon?
MB_JPayan: Here comes the rain of questions. Too many to answer.
SYSTEM: Rex_Killiante has joined Room Kens_Chat on Wed, 05/29 08:28:49 PM
Metal_Chaos: I repeat, SO WHAT
Rex_Killiante: Hello there!
Shadow: lol
Sonick13_: We need more info on the Brotherhood
Flare0080: Ken, when will be the next time you come to chat with the fans?
M-lee_Echidna: Nax, I thought he already had.
Vector: Am I the only one who noticed the significance of Ken's last comment? o.0
DanDrazen: editors asked me to do a sequel!! :D
KenPenders: I'll be at San Diego every day
Lexie-chan: Are you gonna Show Knux and Julie-su's marrage? My friend keeps asking me!!
KevinTRod: We'll probily