What do you get when you add one of the coolest artists around (J.Axer) and a fan comic team with a plan (us, the SonicVerse Team ^^)? Yes, another rendition of Sonic Adventure! Most of you guys have seen the Archie version of Sonic Adventure. Most of you have seen the Fleetway version of Sonic Adventure. We're not saying ours is any better but we want to give it a shot, darnit! ^^

Since May 2000 the plan of a fan version of Sonic Adventure has been in effect. Of course, we're not the first ones to come up with this idea but it's an interest we couldn't shake off. Four months in production, we have about 30% of the comic done. This must be one heckuva comic then, huh? Well, like we said: AXER! AXER!

I pulled alot of money outta my wallet and begged the righteous artist for a comic cover. Axer generously agreed and the payoff of it is quite fantastic. During the time period of our business transaction I have become friends with Axer. He's a pro but he's definately down to earth!

So, when is it coming out? And just who is the SonicVerse Team? Well, we're just an entertainment group, just like the beloved Sonic HQ. We do comics, we're developing a game (there's betas available to members only, so we know it's real) and yes a movie. But to concentrate on the subject at hand, yes we have J.Axer who did a cover for us. Thank you, man. You rock! As for the comic itself, we have Dominic Laeno and myself illustrating. The legendary Fox-Li Swift and Crystal Keeper are coloring and we're also trying to get RAF to be the third colorist (he still hasn't replied to my e-mail -.-). A release date is said to be sometime in December or January 2001. It will contain at least 50 pages and some exclusive artwork from Mariah Echidna and SA Tails.

While SVT is working on this comic we've been unable to produce any of our other series we have planned (namely Sonic Beyond and SonicVerse) however, we have been saved by OTHER-M!!!! We've joined forces with them and thanks to them we have a new comic out every month while we're working on SVT. Ian is my best friend ^^.

For more information on Sonic Adventure, Other-M, SonicVerse and/or Sonic Beyond go to www.sonicverse-adventurer.com. And for your viewing pleasure I'll even show you the sketch of the comic cover Axer made for us. Yes, the colored version is complete and some of you guys may have seen it, but just to hold the suspence out we'd like you guys to be alittle surprised. That's all for now fellow Sonic fans! Till then KEEP IT REAL!