You read that right! Not one - not two - but THREE full interviews for you on Sonic HQ's Anniversary !!! And who are those interviews per se -

  • James Fry - Steven Butler has gone on to Knuckles - so who was has taken the reigns of Sonic after Mr. Butler went byebye? Why none other than James Fry! And we've got the goods on him - his first works, his upcoming stuff, and just who the guy is and a little of what makes him tick! In tis interview he talks about working with Karl Bollers, Japanese animation, Sonic Ideal, and TONS of other stuff. Quite possibly the most in depth interview SHQ has ever done! ^___^

  • Green Gibbon! - Many of you have heard of it, some of you have experienced it - but few have ever met the Gibbon and come away TRULY sane. ^___^ And now, here for you wonderful readers, an interview with Green Gibbon - owner of the Neo Green Hill Zone, lover of Midori, and worshipper of Drano. Be VERY afraid! :O)

  • Mike "Artie" Reyes - Better known among Sonic fans as Artie - owner of one of the largest fan based Sonic websites, Team Artail, Artie sits down with SHQ to discuss a little bit of everything! From Anime to the cartoons to just what he puts into his site. Read the interview and pay him a visit! :O)

    What? You thought I was through? We have LOTS more interviews for you to come later tonight! ^_^ Check back here later as we shoot the breeze with the Master Man of fanfiction himself - Daniel Drazen! and coming soon an interview with Archie Sonic cover artist, Harvo !!!!