This comes straight from Ken's MB:

Are you taking a deep breath, Rick? Better sit down, as I announce that the story THE CHOSEN ONE is now on the schedule. Regretably, it won't be the 66-page epic originally planned, but it was either do it in 24 or nothing, so I accepted the conditions and put it on track. The storyline will see print in SONIC #94 - 96, followed by the return of the Dark Legion in SONIC #97 - 99, which leads into the SONIC/KNUCKLES crossover in #100. Look for the return of Dimitri as Enerjak, as well as other surprises.

As for SONIC #100, discussions have begun on what the story will be like, and this much I can say: it'll be a full-length story featuring practically every character we can shove in there, it'll be written by both Karl and myself, and I'll probably be handling some of the art, but not sure what or how much just yet.

What it won't have: any weddings or engagements involving anyone from Knothole Village. Justin, Karl and I have been discussing the issue at length, and it was decided that most, if not all of the characters considered -- Sonic, Sally, Antoine, and Bunnie -- are simply too young for any serious relationships beyond simply dating. (I had been a proponent for at least Antoine and Bunnie getting engaged, but I'm afraid that is one aspect where I simply may have let all the fan interaction get to me, and just wanted that monkey off my back. You have no idea how tiring it gets to receive e-mail practically every day asking when Sonic and Sally are going to get married. When Justin and karl made their case against it, I couldn't help but agree. It would be wrong for the series to proceed any further in that direction at this time.)

I'll have much more to say at my online chat. See you there.

This info REALLY clears up a lot of questions from fans regarding the comic. Well, for me, anyway :?

Source: Ken Penders' Message Board