Ken has added a few more details and clarified some things. Ben [Hurst] has gone on record as saying he recognizes the Archie continuity as being just as official as his SatAM version, acknowledging not only have we been faithful to the work he and his co-horts have done, but have been the major force to keeping Sonic before the public on a regular basis.

Ben and I have discussed working on an animated Sonic film previously, and made some initial contacts with Sega, but nothing much came of them for various reasons. As he has worked in the industry for some time, Ben was/is able to make his own pitches to various studios to see if there's any interest in such a project a lot easier than I can, as he has way more industry contacts than I do at the present time.

My involvement was due more to a variety of factors owing to my connections in the comic industry and is not meant as a slap in the face to Ben or anyone else. It's just the way things work in this crazy business.

Just so things don't get out of hand with the rumors, I'll add these details to the mix:

The project is being conceived as presenting Sonic in CGI-animation ala Monsters Inc.

The main cast of characters consist of Sonic, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Uncle Chuck, Jules, Bernie, King & Queen Acorn, Knuckles, Julie-Su, Espio, Mighty, Vector, Locke, Lara-Le, Wynmacher, Snively, Crabmeat, E-102 and Dr. Robotnik. As only the main plotline has been worked out, it remains to be seen what other characters will have speaking roles. At present, I envision a number of characters seen in various incarnations of the games, comic book and animated series will be utilized as "extras" throughout.

While I would be inclined to go with the actress who voiced Sally in the SatAM, I think a fresh voice is called for regarding Sonic, and while I already have a particular actor in mind, I'd like to hear your suggestions as well for this or any other part.

In general, while the movie will contain many elements familiar to fans of the comics, games and SatAM, it's being treated like we're starting with episode one of a whole new series in order for the general audience to join in on the fun. To aim specifically for the Sonic hardcore fans in particular would not enable this or any other similar project to get off the ground. That is a business reality that has to be accounted for.

Source: Ken's Comic Stories & Art