With respect to Mr. Maldon, I thnik I can explain this. I had tried to report this before, but the information I was given was well, wrong. I got a lot of beef for it and was finally told the truth. To put it short, Sega is working on merging with other companies, Microsoft included. This is a good move for them, for it can make them a more formidable competitor against some overhyped, extremely pricy game systems (havefunwatchingDVDscausethegamesSUCK). In addition, some of the groups that Sega used to own, Sonic Team being the most prominent, have become independant studios, producing software for other platforms and no longer limited to Sega alone. Sonic could not only appear on the Xbox, but possibly the Gamecube as well. In short, this is not bad news, rather, it is GOOD news. Sega is no longer a minor company taking up table scraps (Let's not forget the Sega CD and 32X), but a tough cookie. And while Sony rubs it's miserly withered old hand thinking of ways to destroy that which is Sega, We have new allies in microsoft (Owned by a man who unfortunately I think is equally evil) and possibly Nintendo. I HOPE I got my facts right this time.