I got Sonic comics only since #114 and I need some questins answered. I learned about Sonic though games. 1. The Sonic/Mina/Sally thing, isnt Amy Rose involved? She loves Sonic. 2. Why are Chao called heralds and since when could they talk? 3. Do tikal and Chaos and Mammoth Goyal live in the Master Emrald? 4. I thought Knuckles lived by himself and his family was long gone.
1) No, she isn't.
2) Chao aren't all heralds, just the two that were shown in #121 as there have been chao before & they weren't heralds. Also, Chao have been able to talk since SA1 in Chao Adventure.
3 & 4) The Archie profiles will answer those questions as the Master Emerald and all of those characters mentioned (except Chaos--though mentioned in Tikal's a bit) are already profiled.

--True Red & SA Tails