I am badly in need of some help! 1) Where is the blasted Chao alter in Shadows first level Radical Highway! Unbeleveable as it is i can't find it, Sega must of hidden it good. 2) my young chao is a Hero, when will it become adult in the races? 3)What is Shadow and sonic's Costumes when you finish their stages in full A's? I MUST KNOW!! Thanx :)
1. At the top of the suspension bridge where the Gold Beetle appears, stand on the platform to the right (where Omochao is standing), but grind down the rail behind you rather than taking the one forward. You'll go back a little and come across a platform with the shrine.
2. Chao only become Hero chao when they evolve into adults, so either yours already is an adult, or it's a baby chao that hasn't evolved yet. They don't evolve in the races, only in the garden when they're old enough.
3. Their costumes are based on Phantasy Star Online designs.

~ Crazy C Lea & True Red