SA2:B 1)How did Amy get to Prison Island? 2)Why didn't the hero story show Tails recieving the chaos emerald? 3)How did Sonic catch up to the president? 4) Why didn't the dark story show Eggman's chat with the president? 5)When Sonic and Shadow used their last Chaos Control, how did Shadow die when Sonic didn't? 6)Why didn't Shadow just use the chaos control to escape from the military? 7) What does GUN stand for? Please answer these questions because they have really been bugging me. Thanks
  • 1) Probibly the same way Tails did.
  • 2) It took place between SA1 and 2.
  • 3) Running of course. :P
  • 4) It would have been redundant.
  • 5) Shadow may or may not have died. We'll not know til the next game.
  • 6) He didn't have an Emerald at the time.
  • 7) I dunno, it's a millitary orginisation, and that's all I know.

- SA Tails