hello. i have been a devoted Sonic fan for all of my life but ,due to personal issues, have not been involved in our blue speeddemon science about '94.and yesterday i peeked into a sonic comic and saw some chick keeping pace with him! i was hoping that you could answer some questions and forgive me if they sound simple. 1)who are the new charters in the comics?( i know Sonic, Tails, Knuckles,Amy , Mighty, Charmy, Sally, Antswouine,) 2)what has happened to Sonic scence the comic where he and Knux were turned into robots and fought? 3)has Sonic gained any new powers(or whatnot)? 4)Are Sonic and Knux still friendly foes? 5)i know sonic becomes super sonic when he gets the chaos emeralds, but what happens to Knux, Tails, Amy, Sally and Charmy when they get them? 6)last one so how did the new chick meet up with Sonic anyway? Thanks for answering my Questions!!!
1, 3-6) The profiles will answer those questions so go read them.
2) The comics section can give you an idea via the archive and any issue that is reviewed is spoiled.

--True Red