Hey! I just discovered the joys of using the Internet. I am a BIG Sonic Fan, and I just found out about your sight (it's REALLY COOL!). Anyway, I have a question about something I found out on the Internet. Who in the world is Ashura?! I keep hearing about this guy! Was he the original plan for a person who was supposed to be like Sonic or something (you know, like Shadow is) or was he just some made up character? Please Help me!
Ashura was the fan-given name of the green Sonic in Sonic 2. He's not a real character, just a glitch in the colour pallet accessible via the debug code. If you place too many waterfall sprites in Emerald Hill(they look invisible when in debug), you can mess up the palate and Sonic turns green/black. Just make sure it's done at the start of the level by a waterfall, or it'll take a little longer for the sprites to overload.

~ Crazy C Lea & SA Tails