Written by Karl Bollers, Romy Chacon and Ken Penders, art by Steven Butler, Art Mawhinney, Jim Amash, Pam Eklund, Dawn Best and Penders.

She's Gotta Have Him. How far will a woman go to get a man's attention? Sonic finds out when love struck Mina the Mongoose joins the Freedom Fighters. The Royal Signet. Princess Sally remembers Julayla, her late mentor, in this heartwarming tale. In the Beginning. Julie-Su and Mighty reflect upon the good old days with Knuckles, and how they met.

Sources: Comics Continuum & Westfield Comics

Notice that in the preview cover, the highlighted characters for the solo stories are Rotor & Bunnie who have solo stories in #119 instead of Sally & Mighty who actually have the solo stories in this issue.