Written by R. Chaco, Benny Lee, Ken Penders, art by Art Mawhinney, Jim Amash, Steven Butler, Penders and Dawn Best, cover by Spaz and Riveiro.

"Tortoise and the Hedgehog." Sonic's childhood friend, Tommy Turtle, hasn't been since Dr. Robotnik first took over. Now, he's back and already in trouble. Sonic goes to help but finds some old enemies in his way. What's a hero to do? "CyberRace." See what Robotnik and Snively have to do to download their new bodies after their old ones have been destroyed. "Ultimate Power, Pt. 3." Knuckles confronts Mammoth Mogul - and Dimitri's life is at stake. Place your bets as the Chaos-infused contest is about to begin.

32 pages, $1.99, in stores on Nov. 13.

Sources: Comics Continuum & Westfield Comics